The Hundred Pound Haul

The Hundred Pound Haul | Marks and Spencer |

The Premise

Feeling a bit disillusioned with the process of updating her wardrobe for summer, my mum came up with the (quite frankly genius) idea of the hundred pound haul. Let me explain. Five, time poor, fashion savvy girls are challenged to spend one hundred pounds in a designated high street store with the goal of creating stylish new looks! All items purchased must work in at least TWO ways with current wardrobe staples. Once the mission is complete we all meet up, present our wares, drink Prosecco and hopefully learn a little something from each other’s choices.

Planning The Hundred Pound Haul

The Store

Marks and Spencer, no longer the sartorial home of your gran or a one stop shop for  Percy Pigs, is having something of a fashion moment. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t wary of the fit of trousers and jeans in particular but for pretty summer tops and accessories you really can’t go far wrong.

The Meet Up

We really weren’t sure how this was going to work in practice – did we need to show the complete look or could we simply talk the others through it? What would happen if we all ended up buying the same items (believe me it wouldn’t be the first time). Would we get sidetracked and end up 5 hours later ordering Chinese in a prosecco coma? Nope, it worked a dream – so much so that we’re going to try and make it a bi-monthly event! We chatted, asked questions and I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one that left with some great styling tips that would otherwise never have occured to me and there are at least two new pieces on my wish list. On this occasion, I’ve focused on the pieces that I personally chose but I can feature everyone’s choices next time if that’s something people would like to see.

The Haul

I’ll admit, I didn’t put 100% effort into thinking up and planning my haul – I just kind of went with my gut and purchased things that appealed on first sight. Next time I promise I’ll put more thought in but without further ado, here are my picks…

Embroidered Off Shoulder Top

The Hundred Pound Haul | Marks and Spencer |

I had been on the lookout for a summery off shoulder top to pair with jeans or white shorts on holiday and this really fit the bill. I loved the‘Riviera’ blue stripe with the contrasting red embroidery. On the downside, its a little short in the body and I fear it may make a bit of a shelf out of my gargantuan, breastfeeding boobs! Hopefully, I can minimise this with my favourite ‘le tuck’ technique (aka tucking the front of your top into your jeans or shorts) as the top itself is a bit of a winner.

Find it online HERE

Bee Print Split Shirt

The Hundred Pound Haul | Marks and Spencer |

The Hundred Pound Haul | Marks and Spencer |

I was a little torn with this one. As much as I loved the print (shocking as print usually scares the heck out of me) I wasn’t overly convinced that I could pull off the longer length without looking a bit mumsy. Yet, the fit is so on point and the fact that you can tie the shirt at the front really modernises the shape. The sleeves are such a good length which, for me, is always a big bugbear with most of the M&S offering and the fit over my bust is perfect. I’m intending to wear this over a bikini on my more glamorous days or knotted with a pair of white shorts and my Panama for shopping trips (and a few cheeky cocktails).

This seems to have sold out online but they have other styles in this print HERE

Biker Skinny Leg Trousers

The Hundred Pound Haul | Marks and Spencer |

I’m still umming and ahhing about these. I love the idea and they remind me somewhat of the ‘J Brand Houlihans’ which incidentally, I threw out for being far too big (and then I got pregnant and now nothing is too big)! I digress. In my head, these look great with both heels or trainers, my ‘Me & Em’ Blazer and a plain white tee but I’m still on the fence about whether they’re actually that flattering on the hip area.

Find these online HERE

Drawstring Detail Sweater

Drawstring Detail Round Neck Jumper |The Hundred Pound Haul| Marks and Spencer |

The wild card. I bought this because I quite literally had no simple sweaters just to pull on with jeans – my post pregnancy wardrobe clearout was quite severe and I’m pretty much having to start from scratch. I was quite surprised by how much I liked this given my relative ambivalence. The ties are just enough of a nod to the whole statement sleeve trend without being obtrusive and getting in the way while you’re trying to eat.

Find It online HERE

Ideas I’ll be pinching

  1. Pure Cotton Striped Short Sleeve Shell Top. Find it online HERE
  2. Pure Cotton Poplin Ruffle Sleeveless Blouse. Find it online HERE

Both remind me of one of my favourite brands, By Malene Birger. She makes beautiful (but pricey) summer tops with a twist and these are just so perfect – ideal to style up with cut off denim or white shorts.

So there you have it, the inaugural hundred pound haul. Leave a comment if there’s any particular store you would like us to focus on or maybe you would like to see hauls of specific items or targeted at particular events? Let me know and I’ll do my best to make it happen.

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