Interiors Inspiration – Six Instagram Accounts You Really Need To Follow

Interiors Inspiration Six Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow |

Our Victorian Terrace was a complete do-er upper! Three years, one wedding, one baby and a whole lotta Instagram Inspiration later we’re pretty much done. Or are we? You see, Instagram just doesn’t stop and the ideas just keep coming! Whats a girl to do with a head full of ideas and no canvas to work on? We have a new bar opening in the next couple of weeks which has given me a bit of an outlet but come September…watch out Mr.R… a house move could be on the cards! Here I thought I would share with you some of my go to Instagram accounts for when I’m in need of a bit of home decor eye candy or interiors inspiration.

Interiors Inspiration Six Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow |

Kelly Hoppen

Where it all began…there really isn’t anywhere else I could have begun than with Kelly Hoppen. I can probably trace my love affair with interiors back to one of Kelly’s early books ‘In Touch’, (other than a rather scary flirtation with oxblood red & zebra print when I was 13 – Changing Rooms & Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen have a lot to answer for). Back in the days before QVC and Dragons Den made her a household name my mum introduced me to her signature ‘East Meets West’ style.  Her slick, contemporary aesthetic is laced with a heavy dollop of glamour (but only in the best possible taste – nothing gaudy or in any way tacky from Ms. Hoppen). The quality shines through in her designs – she always advocates buying the very best that you can afford which I think is a great way to approach designing your home. I love how she builds the design of a room through layering texture and will forever be a ‘taupette’ at heart (much to Mr. Rs amusement and dismay – he actually refers to our home as the ’50 shades of grey house’).

Interiors Inspiration Six Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow |

Interiors Inspiration Six Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow |

@kellyhoppen | @kellyhoppenhome |

Cowboy Kate

A very recent discovery but one I’ve rapidly become all kinds of obsessed with. Dark and moody, like Kelly (and this is where the similarity ends), her use of texture in design just pulls you into this decadent dream world where anything seems possible. Pink sheepskin? Check! Exposed plaster? Fabulous! Hot Pink Pineapple Lamp? Well, come on, who wants a room without a hot pink pineapple lamp? Don’t be fooled into thinking that this maximalist vibe can be simply thrown together with any old mismatched items – her home is so well curated and so brilliantly considered – it’s simply a visual feast for the eyes!

Interiors Inspiration Six Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow |

@cowboykate |

Swoon Worthy

I’m absolutely in love with Kimberly from Swoon Worthy’s self-titled ‘eclectic, boho, glam style’ As a fellow lover of all things gold and shiny, she puts together the most glamourous and, well, ‘swoon worthy’ designs using vibrant prints, bold colours, and lashings of gold. I’m a bit of a sucker for animal print and Kimberly is a master at incorporating bold prints in a really accessible and non-scary way. Her home is alive with greenery and glitz and if you do nothing else then please check out her epic bar cart!!! Now that is gin o’clock goals right there!

Interiors Inspiration Six Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow |

@swoonworthyblog |

Kate La Vie

Kate is a fashion and beauty blogger who has become Insta-famous for her beautifully curated Glasgow flat and her use of the ubiquitous ‘Millenial Pink’. Unashamedly girly, Kate’s feed has brought it home that there are definitely two sides to my own design style. (Does anyone remember Tommy Lee Jone’s portrayal of Harvey Two-Face in Batman Forever? Yep, that’s me – “heavy metal meets House & Garden”). If Swoonworthy & Cowboy Kate represent the dark and decadent me then Kate La Vie is a perfect representation of my girly glamourous (yet still chic) side. Scrolling through her feed, I am aware of two things. Firstly, I must make that pink West Elm chair mine and secondly if in doubt eucalyptus is always the answer!

Interiors Inspiration Six Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow |

@kate.lavie |

The Curious Department

I discovered The Curious Department relatively recently through stalking reading Swoon Worthy. They have the most delicious array of homeware, gifts and (whisper it, I can barely contain my excitement) stationary (coming soon)! The designs are all based around nature – think beetles and bugs, butterflies and bees, laced with gold and give a good dose of drama without becoming creepy or gaudy! So far I have added the cushions and coasters to my collection and have purchased the beetle print and Ulysses Butterfly as gifts (both of which FYI were utterly stunning and gave me real trouble when it came to parting with them)! Next on my wish list is the truly beautiful ‘Insect Mandala China Collection’ (always looking to up my ‘breakfast game’ – check out My Morning Routine HERE)…who knew creepy crawlies could be that chic?

Interiors Inspiration Six Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow |

@thecuriousdepartment |

Abigail Ahern

Dark, gothic and disgustingly decadent.  Abigail unleashed the beast that Cowboy Kate has lassoed and ran away with! Her motto ‘once you convert to the dark side there’s no going back’ has proven eerily accurate and, given the fact that my house is pretty much complete, Mr. R is not overly amused at my recent proposal that we ‘start again’ using, what I like to call ‘the Abigail Aesthetic’ as our new interiors inspiration!

Interiors Inspiration Six Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow |

@abigailahern |

Putting together this list of my ultimate interiors inspiration, it occurred to me that what they all seem to have in common is the ability to create a relaxed environment cocooned in warmth and glamour which is absolutely the vision I have for my own home.  I think what makes us happy in our surroundings is ever evolving and as these awesome Instagrammers show, your environment doesn’t have to remain ‘static’ once the inevitable big projects are ticked off the list. Whether it’s rejigging a layout or simply adding a beautiful vessel with fresh foliage, there’s always something you can do to keep those creative juices flowing…at least until the next project comes along.

I hope you have found this useful. Do you have any go to Instagram accounts for Interiors Inspiration? Do let me know in the comments below if there are any that I simply must check out!

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