Wardrobe Picks – Levi’s Tee & Blazer

Wardrobe Picks - Levi's Tee & Blazer | jessicarhoades.co.uk

While selecting items for ‘wardrobe picks’, it became clear that the foundations of my wardrobe are laid in denim. A good pair of jeans and a t-shirt will take you pretty much anywhere these days so it makes sense that the bulk of my sartorial budget lies in an array of crops, skinnies and kick […]

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My Guilty Pleasure – Romance & Rakes

My Guilty Pleasure - Romance & Rakes

I have a secret and I hope you won’t judge me too harshly! I love to read (no, that’s not the secret). As a child reading came as naturally to me as breathing. In school, I was given free choice of the extensive libraries and my imagination was allowed to run wild. From Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton […]

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Wardrobe Classics – Pink Trench & Denim

Pink Trench & Denim | jessicarhoades.co.uk

I love to click the buy now button. Nothing gives me a bigger buzz than a good online shopping haul. But, sometimes you just need to say enough and wear whats in your wardrobe. My style leans toward the classic and I put a lot of thought into each and every purchase I make. In […]

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The Sleepyhead Baby Pod – A Review

The Sleepyhead Baby Pod - A Review | jessicarhoades.co.uk

No sooner have you got your head around the fact that a squishy little person will be joining your family than you are bombarded with a list of gadgets, pieces of kit and so-called necessities that you simply ‘must’ purchase. Some (a cot, a car seat, a pram) are a given. Others (baby gyms, swings, […]

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Why I’m All About That Base – How To Create a Flawless Complexion

Why I'm All About That Base - How To Create A Flawless Complexion | jessocarhoades.co.uk

My skin and I have gone through some tough times. As a child, I can clearly remember my mum bribing me (with sweets, t.v…who knows?) if she could ‘just nip that blackhead’! Clearly, I was blemish prone from a very young age! I was never what you would describe as acnaic, nor was I prone […]

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The Hundred Pound Haul…The Massimo Edit

The Hundred Pound Haul - The Massimo Edit | jessicarhoades.co.uk

I feel I should begin this post with an apology and a caveat that I use the word ‘haul’ in the loosest sense of the word. Round two of the Hundred Pound Haul and we’ve already made a, somewhat elementary, blunder. As it turns out, Marks and Spencer was an excellent choice for our first go – […]

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