The Sleepyhead Baby Pod – A Review

The Sleepyhead Baby Pod - A Review |

No sooner have you got your head around the fact that a squishy little person will be joining your family than you are bombarded with a list of gadgets, pieces of kit and so-called necessities that you simply ‘must’ purchase. Some (a cot, a car seat, a pram) are a given. Others (baby gyms, swings, and motor powered bouncy chairs) are lovely to have (if you have a 5000 room storage facility – seriously where are you supposed to house all of this stuff)? but perhaps not a necessity? I’ll be honest – as soon as I became pregnant I fell hook, line, and sinker for The Sleepyhead Baby Pod! It looked the dog’s bollocks (all Scandi and stylish) and would fit perfectly into my Snuzpod Bedside Crib (that’s one for another post but needless to say a whole lotta love is involved)! Put simply, the Sleepyhead Deluxe+ was without any hesitation my most used and most loved piece of baby kit! So much so, nearly we one year on we have moved seamlessly onto the Sleepyhead Grand – this is gonna be one heck of a lovefest!

What Is The Sleepyhead?

Put simply, The Sleepyhead is a portable pod in which the baby can sleep, rest or play. I’ve found that both sizes have fit comfortably into my cots of choice (the Snuzpod Bedside Crib for the smaller pod, the Mokee Mini Cot for the Grand) and made everything seem just that bit more snug and comfortable – perfect for delicate little people!

The Sleepyhead Baby Pod - A Review |

The Sleepyhead Baby Pod - A Review |

The Pro’s

  1. Portability. I’m sure many new mums can relate to feeling so out of your depth in those first few weeks? Consequently, I spent an inordinate amount of time with the one person who would make it all seem not so scary and overwhelming – my mum! The Sleepyhead travels like a dream. We spent so much time on the road and the fact that we could pack a bag and simply throw the pod into the boot of the car made life in those early days so much easier! No faffing around with a great hulking Moses basket and no worries about where to put the baby when you’re out and about – it’s literally like having their bed with you wherever you go! Even when you’re at home with the baby, The Sleepyhead travels the whole house from the bedroom to the kitchen to the bathroom (I used to put it into the (empty) bath while I had a shower so she was always able to be with me)! We recently went on our first family holiday and, yep you guessed it, The Sleepyhead (Grand) came with us. As I’ve said before (check out all my mum & baby posts HERE), our sleep situation isn’t brilliant at the best of times so the fact that we could take her actual bed with us was such a weight off my mind! The pod literally slipped into the travel cot and we were ready to rock and roll! (n.b You can get actual travel bags for both size pods but we were able to pack ours into my dads travel golf club case)!
  2. Security. When the baby arrives you literally can’t get over how teeny tiny they look in the big wide world. They’ve gone from being all squished and cosy to this tiny dot that’s swallowed up by everything around them. The Sleepyhead just seems to give a lovely cocooned squishy oasis for a delicate bundle with no worries that they will knock their head or get a limb trapped down some random nook! As Luna got a little bigger and could hold her head up, I used her Sleepyhead as a playpen where she would sit and look at a book or play with Tombliboo! Now she’s so much bigger and in her own cot but the peace of mind that The Sleepyhead continues to give me is priceless!. Example. A few nights ago I had to wash the cover of The Sleepyhead and it wasn’t dry in time for bedtime (more on that later) so she went to bed ‘au natural’. I  couldn’t settle…she was all over the place and I had visions of her standing up (her new party trick) and falling back and hitting her head. Long story short, she spent the night in bed with me (luckily Mr. R was away working)!
  3. Looks. It’s a good-looking piece of kit make no mistake and the variety of covers you can now get is insane – there is literally something for everyone! I would definitely advise getting at least one extra cover, particularly for The Sleepyhead Deluxe+ (the smaller of the two) as, you know babies…there’s a lot of explosive sick and poop potential in those early weeks and months! We bought the smaller pod with the classic white cover and went on to purchase the ‘Mod Pod’ and the ‘Silver Lining’ covers, both of which I absolutely adored! When the time came to purchase the ‘Grand’ we bought it with the ‘silver lining’ cover as I had loved it that much! After 8 months continued use, the ‘Delux+’ pod is still pristine – ready and waiting if we are lucky enough to be blessed with baby number 2!

The Sleepyhead Baby Pod - A Review |

The Con’s

Urrgh, I really can’t think of much negative to say when it comes to The Sleepyhead. The cost. Yes, it’s pretty expensive – prices start from £120 for the smaller pod, £180 for the larger pod and £48 for spare covers (£85 for the grand). However, I can honestly say that considering their continued and sustained use, they are both 100% completely and utterly worth the money and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to all new mums and dads! The only other drawback that I can see is that you can’t tumble dry the covers so you do need at least one spare for when the inevitable accidents occur! It’s a little bit of a faff putting the whole pod back together again after washing but I’ve found a foolproof method that makes this slightly arsey task completely bearable – make it the Mr’s job! (insert thumbs up emoji)!

The Sleepyhead Baby Pod - A Review |

Well, you can’t say I didn’t warn you it would be a love fest! I can honestly say that The Sleepyhead is my most loved and most used piece of baby equipment. There, quite literally has not been a single day since Luna was born that The Sleepyhead hasn’t seen some action – I can’t even say that about the car seat, the pram or the cot! To me it’s a complete no-brainer, a true essential and absolutely should be at the top of every expectant couples shopping list!

The Sleepyhead Baby Pod - A Review |

Have you used the Sleepyhead? Are you giving it all the heart eyes (like me) or do you prefer the traditional Moses basket? I’d love to know your thoughts!

Find the Sleepyhead & Accessories Online HERE

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2 thoughts on “The Sleepyhead Baby Pod – A Review”

  1. So happy to read this! I’ve just purchased a sleepyhead for my second (now 2 days overdue!!) and I cannot wait to start using it 👶🏼 Great tip about the spare cover too X


    1. Hi, Lisa! Ahh, how lovely, fingers crossed it won’t be long now! I hope you love your Sleepyhead as much as I do! Lots of luck xxx


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