Mom Jeans – So Wrong They’re Right

Victoria Beckham has just presented her Spring/Summer 2018 collection wearing a white tee and a pair of Mom jeans. I think my love affair with all things VB has already been noted (20 Facts About Me) so it should come as no surprise that the VB seal of approval has given me peace of mind about my recent sartorial picks. Mom jeans are not a trend I saw myself buying into. For a start, I am now a mother so the irony ship has well and truly sailed. Also, they’re just not that flattering. However, they have two very strong points in their favour. Firstly, they are beyond comfortable. For a girl who eschewed jeans until well into her teenage years solely based on the comfort factor, this is a big deal. Secondly, I have a bit of a thing for anything that comes under the header ‘borrowed from the boys’ (oversized tailoring, loafers, white shirts…you get the picture) and while ‘boyfriend jeans’ always seemed a bit overly baggy (90s skater boy was never my preferred vibe), Mom jeans seem to give that whole ‘too big, unflattering, wearing something that doesn’t belong to you style in a bit more of a, hmm, purposeful way. Anyhoo the upshot of this is that I have decided (in a very roundabout way) that I rather like Mom jeans – at least for this season where borrowed from the boys is an actual thing and not just an abstract notion ping-ponging around in my fuzzball of a brain. This particular pair are from Zara – a gorgeous washed out black that I’ve been reaching for on pretty much a daily basis! Here I’ve paired them with kitten heels (have a read of the lastest Hundred Pound Haul to here my thoughts) a burgundy striped tee, (the perfect autumnal twist on a classic Breton) and my grey Me & Em Blazer. Are Mom Jeans a look you’ll be buying into this season? What are your denim staples?

How To Style Mom Jeans

Mom Jeans - So Wrong They're Right

Zara Mom Jeans

Black Mom Jeans

Black Gucci Sunglasses

Massimo Dutti Kitten Heels

Massimo Dutti Shoes

Red Striped Tee

Mom Jeans, Autumn Trends | Jessica Rhoades


TEE – MASSIMO DUTTI (SIMILAR – I actually have this particular style in the navy & LOVE it)





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Three Things I’ve Learnt On Our Breastfeeding & Weaning Journey

*Warning – those of a sensitive or squeamish disposition may want to look away now…TMI post incoming*

I’m writing this on the back of perhaps the most unsettled few weeks of motherhood so far. I’m tired. Tired in a way that only a mother can fully comprehend. My thoughts are confused, nothing seems to make much sense and getting through the day can seem as challenging as bread week on Bake Off. I feel supremely unqualified to offer anything resembling advice in the parenting arena – how can I offer insights or tips when I have so many unanswered questions of my own – Why won’t my baby sleep being chief among them. One year in and she still wakes at least twice through the night, recently for hours at a time. This single question and the pursuit of an answer is all consuming. The breastfeeding and weaning questions are a total minefield made that much harder to get to grips with by the complete lack of sleep. When you’re expecting a baby you know there will be sleepless nights but it’s so hard to comprehend what that actually means until it hits…and believe me it hits hard. Every baby is different, some sleep through at 8 weeks, some don’t. We are very much the latter. Luna has rarely slept for more than four hours and naps sporadically. She will not take milk from a bottle which means I am on call 24/7. She has never spent a night away from us. I guess what I’m trying to say is that it doesn’t necessarily get easier after those hazy first few weeks. There seems to be an assumption after that first month when the visitors and well-wishers have dried up and you’re no longer in possession of a newborn that “hey, everything’s grand!” You hear the words,”It’ll soon be time for number two” on an almost daily basis and you start to believe that you are the only one feeling this way. Let me tell you, you’re not. As the saying goes “don’t compare yourself to other mothers, we are all losing our shit, some are just better at hiding it than others” With that in mind, here’s three (of many) things that I’ve learned on our breastfeeding and weaning journey – sleep deprivation notwithstanding!

Annabel Karmel Baby Weaning

Sometimes Babies Won’t Take A Bottle

I always intended to give breastfeeding my best shot but no one was more shocked than I was by how easy I found it. I had read every horror story known to man and genuinely believed that I wouldn’t be able to do it so to find out I could do it (and do it well at that) was amazing! I followed all the rules and breastfed exclusively for the first eight weeks so as not to affect my milk supply. Once the eight weeks were up we tried Luna on a bottle of expressed milk. Not a problem. Great, we thought. We can have a night out, Mr.R can do some night feeds, we’ve got this parenting malarky sussed. HA! This never really happened (and yes this is completely and utterly my own fault). It always just seemed easier for me to feed her than to faff around with sterilising and making up bottles so when the day came that we actually needed her to take a bottle, she refused. And she has continued to refuse to this day. Sure there’s been the odd time we thought we’ve had a breakthrough only for the bitter sting of rejection to rear its head once again. I’m not going to lie, this has been the single most debilitating thing that has happened since becoming a mother. As the land currently lies Luna feeds mostly at night and mostly for comfort. I don’t believe she is actually hungry or actually needs the milk anymore and yet I find myself in a situation that currently feels impossible to get out of. I know it will get better, I mean how many adults do you see that need nursed by their mothers to get through the night? (well apart from that bloke in Little Britain – god help us all if it comes to that)!

Once Experienced, You Will Do Literally Anything To Avoid A Blocked Milk Duct.

If there’s one thing I would say to all breastfeeding mums, it would be to look after your boobs! First and foremost pay attention to your baby’s latch – if that’s even slightly off it can cause you real problems down the line. Secondly get yourself some nice comfy nursing bras (yup those super attractive numbers – usually nude – with the drop down cup). Anything too tight can compress a milk duct, leading to a blockage. I had my first experience of a blocked milk duct after eight months of exclusive breastfeeding. Very soon after working out in a very firm sports bra I realised I had a  problem. My boob was inflamed, rock solid and hot to the touch. It felt like the milk was backing up and had nowhere to go and was just so so painful. To cut a long story short after frantic googling I managed to dislodge said blockage with a mixture of hand expressing, massage, applying heat and (are you ready for this) sticking a pin into my nipple to ease the flow! No, it was not pleasant, nor was it pretty but let me tell you the relief I felt when it unblocked was worth every second!

You Can’t Be Perfect 100% Of The Time 

I was a much better mother before Luna was born! Before she was born, I spent my days blissfully imaging feeding my baby only the freshest of ingredients organically certified meat, no sugar, no junk. Now to be perfectly honest (and not to blow my own trumpet here) but I’ve actually not done too badly in this area. For the most part, I do prepare Luna’s food from scratch. We had a bit of a shaky start with weaning and it wasn’t until about eight months that she actually willingly opened her mouth for food but she now enjoys quite a range of fruits, veg, chicken, and fish although she’s not too keen on beef! I’ve found the Annabel Karmel book and app to be brilliant for keeping me on track as to what foods I should introduce and when and also for great recipe ideas. I tend to batch cook and freeze meals into ice cube trays so I always have something on hand. That being said, there are times when a pouch has been a complete and utter lifesaver – usually on those mornings where I’ve had a particularly bad night and need to grab something without having to give it any thought at all! The guys at ‘My First Savsé’ were kind enough to send me a selection of their baby food pouches which I have to say have gone down a treat! They are all organic and cold-pressed so you do feel that although it’s not home-made, it’s as good as!

Annabel Karmel Recipes

Three Things I've Learned On Our Breastfeeding & Weaning Journey

My First Savse Baby Food

Five Foods That Are Always A Winner In Our House!

  1. Cheese on Toast
  2. Poached Egg with Breadcrumbs and Parmesan Cheese
  3. Courgette, Spinach, Sweet Potato & Sweet Red Pepper Sauce with Pasta Shells
  4. Mango & Greek Yoghurt
  5. My First Savsé Blueberry, Prune, Plum, Apple and Banana Pouch

If anyone has any tips regarding the sleep situation or the bottle and breastfeeding situation I would LOVE to hear them! What are your foody fail-safes for the littles? Do you cook from scratch or are you a fan of the pouch?

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Coats, Crops & Falling Into Autumn

Yesterday I opened the door to feel Autumns chill biting my bare ankles. Golden leaves littered the doorstep and my breath formed steamy spirals in the surprisingly crisp morning air. Overnight the new season switch has been well and truly flipped and I for one am absolutely delighted! Fall is my favourite season. Firstly, September is my birthday month (so we’re starting on a winning note), but there’s an undeniable ‘feel’ to Autumn that never fails to delight. I can’t wait for bright frosty mornings, pumpkins, fireworks and (obviously) the start of ‘Strictly’. But, where my heart truly lies is in Autumn fashion! Don’t get me wrong, I love my denim cut-offs and Panama hat as much as the next girl but you just can’ beat wrapping up in a chunky knit, a cosy scarf and a statement coat! This cream number my Uterqüe (sadly from a few years ago now but I’ve linked similar below) had me at ‘hello’. Has anyone seen the movie ‘The First Wives Club?’ (bear with me, I have a point I promise). In the final scene, Diane Keaton (along with Bette Midler and Goldie Hawn) dances down the street wearing a long cream coat. It was love. There is something unfailingly chic, elegant and glamorous about a cream coat. A cream coat says, ‘I’ve got my shit together…I can go about my business looking super polished without getting, ahem, soiled! With this in mind, it’s no surprise that this coat very rarely sees the light of day…I have very strict criteria about when and where I can wear it, top of the list being:

a.     When I don’t have a miniature human in tow and

b.     When It’s not p**sing it down

Clearly, neither happens particularly frequently so after numerous discussions with my mother about not ‘saving things for best’ I’m starting to be of the opinion that I should just live and let live and enjoy my coat. I realise that crops and bare ankles may be a slight contradiction to everything I’ve just said but hey I’ve only just rediscovered my Aquazzura flats (check out my August Favourites) and as much as I love a pair of winter boots, I’m determined to go down fighting! Are you an Autumn lover too? What are your new season essentials?

Aquazzura Christy Shoe

Aquazzura Strappy Flats

Coats, Crops and Falling Into Autumn

Paige Cropped Jeans

Cream Uterqüe Coat

Dolce and Gabbana Belt

Cropped Flared Jeans

Grey Crew Neck ASOS Tee

Missoma Horn Necklace









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Pimp My Closet…A Wardrobe Detox

It is a truth universally acknowledged that all girls of a certain age must be in want of Carrie Bradshaw’s closet! We can all picture the scene. Row upon row of slick, backlit shelving, Mr. Big down on one knee…I digress but you get the picture right? As we’re hurtling rapidly into a new season I decided now would be the perfect time to have a bash at the fantasy closet! But first, a wardrobe detox of epic proportions was required! (N.b I have to apologise for the lack of ‘before’ pictures…my pride simply wouldn’t allow you to see the complete and utter carnage that had descended ‘pre-detoxification)!

Pimp My Closet - A Wardrobe Detox |

Aspirations vs Reality

So we’ve established that the dream is ‘heaven on 5th’…what’s the reality? Well, it’s not too shabby if I’m honest. I’ve mentioned before that our current home was a complete doer upper (Interiors Inspiration – Six Instagram Account You Really Need To Follow) so we did have the opportunity to at least make an attempt on the wardrobe fantasy. When we bought this house we were ‘sans child’ so very happy to make the four-bed terrace into a three bed to suit our requirements and, to be honest, I’m still 100% happy with the decision we made regardless of the fact that we are rapidly running out of space now we are three! The space we gained by knocking two bedrooms together meant that we were able to create a large master bedroom with ‘walk-in wardrobe’. The idea came from Mr.R (for which I am reminded daily) who had it custom finished to our specifications. It is a thing of beauty, all white with dark wood trim. When it came to dividing up the storage space between the two of us, I, ahem, may have come off slightly better. I have three rails and three drawers to his one and eight shelves to his four but still, as I fear may always be the case, space continues to be an issue. It seems that however large the space you acquire, somehow or other you always manage to fill it.

How To Display Your Belts

How To Display Your Designer Shoes

Wardrobe Detox In Progress

I am a woman of two halves. Half sleek and minimal, the other chaotic and a little out of control! I badly want to be one of those women who can wear head to toe white without accessorising the look with smudgy handprints, milk or bogeys! More importantly, I would like to be able to look at my wardrobe and have the ability to pull a look together with all my accessories close to hand rather than tripping over discarded boots and boxes -I’ve come to the point where I can no longer live in sartorial chaos…project Carrie Bradshaw has commenced! My first step was a wardrobe detox. So, like any good Marie Kondo student (The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying literally changed my life-so worth a read), I dutifully pulled everything out of the wardrobe to assess and then began my five-step wardrobe detox process…

  1. Divide into three piles – keep | store | discard
  2. Take the discard pile and divide again – friends & family | charity | sell
  3. Make sure you have a stash of storage tubs (these are great) and put away your seasonal items (in this case, summer dresses, sandals, and hats)
  4. Clean your wardrobe space – it is quite literally unbelievable how much dust and dirt builds up in the bedroom and around the wardrobe in particular – grim!
  5. Assess your keep pile for anything that needs to be cleaned/de bobbled/re-heeled etc and put away. (I always use the Narrow Black Flocked Coat Hangers – non-slip and great when you’re short of space)!

Now, the whole wardrobe detox process may seem simple and straightforward but let me tell you…it’s not. For instance, the weather in this country is nothing if not changeable. What happens if I do the switcheroo and then next week there’s a heatwave (unlikely yes, unheard of, no) and some items definitely blur the lines between seasons so it’s not always as clear-cut as the Virgo in me would appreciate. I find it’s best not to put too much pressure on yourself at this stage and simply go with your gut feeling of what you will and won’t wear going forward.

Pimp My Closet - A Wardrobe Detox

You Can Never Have Enough Storage

As I’ve said my major problem is that if you give me a space, I’ll fill it. I’m not sure there’s such a thing as too much space – there’s definitely no such thing as too much storage! With that in mind, I set myself the challenge of creating a workable wardrobe space with lots of storage while keeping my ‘Carrie Brashaw’ fantasy clearly in focus! A quick trip to B&Q later and I was the proud owner of five sets of storage cubes in which I intend to display scarves, shoes, and bags – the theory being that not only will it look aesthetically pleasing but it will also keep everything within reach making it easier to see what I have and therefore make styling a breeze!

How To Display Your Designer Bags

Designer Shoe Storage

How To Store Your Skincare Products

It’s no exaggeration when I say I’m in LOVE with my new look wardrobe. I literally get a little tingle of excitement every time I step in there. In fact, I think I may make it my designated space to retreat for a glass of fizz and some quality time with my latest cheesy romance – no really! Next up on the makeover schedule is my dressing table which is in serious need of a Pinterest worthy overhaul. A new mirror and makeup storage are definitely required and I promise as and when this happens, I will do my best to put my pride to one side and do some before and after photos for your entertainment! Do you have any tips and trips for detoxing your wardrobe? How do you organise your storage space?

How To Display Your Perfumes

*update* I’ve just had my first experience of getting ready in my new and improved wardrobe and I can confirm that it has been nothing short of revolutionary! 100% worth the blood, sweat, and tears! My advice would be…streamline, clean and display – there is nothing more luxurious than having the convenience of everything at hand, ready to rock & roll!

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Wardrobe Picks – Kick Flare & Camisole

Aside from my traditional love of denim, there’s the odd occasion when a good pair of tailored trousers just hits the spot. This russet pair from Zara is unashamedly ‘new season’ – can you imagine a more perfect colour heading into Autumn? I’m fairly tall (clocking on 5,9″) and these sweep the floor even paired with a 4-inch heel, so although perfect for me, the more, shall we say, ‘vertically challenged’ among you may need to seek the services of a good tailor. The kick flare gives a glamorous swoosh as you walk and they look awesome paired down with a simple t-shirt (I wore these for my birthday meal, teamed with a simple black crew neck tee and absolutely loved it.) They also have the advantage of balancing out the old ‘child bearing hips’ – I think I’ve been in skinnies so long I’ve forgotten the magical slimming effect of a wider leg! When debating this weeks wardrobe picks my inclination was to pair the trousers with a black silk camisole but the new season is simply awash with different shades of red so I thought, ‘what the hell’ let’s go all out and I have to say I’m delighted with the end result. I’ve talked about my love of silk camisoles before (Wardrobe Classics – Pink Trench & Denim) and they are definitely having a bit of a fashion moment (how rude – I liked them way before they were ‘in’. Ha)! Camisoles are a complete wardrobe staple for me –  They always look so on point paired with a tailored trouser but work just as well with ripped denim and a blazer or chunky cardi (this is very close to the look I wore on my first ever date with Mr.R over nine years ago now so it’s pretty much verging on classic). I’m making a conscious effort to try and push the boundaries with my wardrobe picks a little more this season (i.e not to wear jeans with everything) so expect to see more ventures into tailoring and even the odd dress or skirt coming your way as we move into Autumn/Winter. What are your picks for the new season.?

Black Leather Biker Jacket

Rayban Clubmaster

Missoma Lucy Williams Horn Necklace

Lakeland Leather Jacket

Wardrobe Picks - Kick Flare & Cami

Red Kick Flare Trouser









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Luna’s ‘Flamingo Fantasy’ First Birthday Party

If you’ve read my August Favourites post then you’ll have seen a little sneak preview of Luna’s first birthday bash! It was never in question that we would be hosting a first birthday party – I have pictures from my own and although I can’t remember the day, I almost feel as though I can as the pictures are so familiar to me. I wanted Luna to have those memories as she got older so we set about creating a fun filled family soirée fuelled by pizza, prosecco and with the odd flamingo thrown in for good measure.

Luna's Flamingo Fantasy First Birthday Party |


When Mr.R and I got married it very quickly became apparent that I had, shall we say a ‘small weakness’ for stationary. I was all about the invites, reasoning that they were the first indicator of what was to come. This fetish for all things paper and pretty hasn’t let up in the two years since we said ‘I do’. Luna’s Christening invites were a follow on from our wedding stationary with gold foil blocking and envelopes hand written in bright pink calligraphy. I knew I would have to tone it down a little for Luna’s first birthday (not least because this obsession was starting to get rather pricey) but I still wanted something striking and super pretty for my baby girls big day. I’ve stalked the ‘Papier’ website for some time, admired their personalised christmas cards and even pointed friends in their direction for their own wedding stationery, but I had never actually ordered myself.  This was the moment. I fell in love with the ‘Flamingo Bay’ design by Matthew Williamson and just like that, we had a theme! (FYI I was really very impressed with ‘Papier’. The invitations were easy to personalise, delivery was prompt and the quality was completely on point (and as you can see, I’m really quite fussy)).

Birthday Party Invitations

Invitations with matching envelopes


Mr R. loves to source vinatge furniture and on one of his many ‘scavenging trips’, he returned with two polystyrene flamingos! What he thought we were going to do with said flamingos is anyone’s guess although in hindsight I can’t deny that they were absolutely perfect for the occasion! We stocked up on my favourite blousy blooms – hydrangea for the garden and roses for the house as well as a couple of potted palms and voila – a pretty/semi botanical backdrop for our feathery friends! Our back yard is teeny tiny (and completely unfinished – please avert your eyes from the garage roof) but I wanted to create a glamorous little oasis, an outdoor room if you will. We borrowed a gazebo from my mum and dad and hung pink paper lanterns from the tent which created the most dreamy vibe – it literally could not have been more pretty. Finally, I needed my girls name up in lights – she was the star of the show after all! I bought the light up letters from our local Garden Centre which now look lovely sitting in her nursery – I’m sure they’ll be brought out again year after year!

Decorating A Small Garden

Flamingo Party Decorations

Pink Chinese Paper Lanterns

Light Up Letters

Pink Flamingo Hydrangea


I was quite determined to make Luna’s first birthday cake myself but had never attempted what I would call a ‘proper cake’ with layers sandwiched together with buttercream.  I did a little bit of research and finally settled upon a dark and white chocolate affair from the Great British Bake Off Recipe Book (where else). I did a trial run just to iron out any potential kinks and was pretty pleased with the end result (even if it wasn’t quite as picture perfect as the book suggested). After a bit of Pinterest stalking, I decided to decorate the cake using fresh flowers, macarons (ordered online from Mademoiselle Macaron – what a find, these were just to die for) and edible gold leaf. For the final touch, I used a custom cake topper from Sophia  obligatory number 1 candle and a table number from our wedding – don’t let anybody tell you I don’t get my money’s worth!

Custom Cake Topper

Decorating A Cake With Macarons

Luna's Flamingo Fantasy First Birthday Party |

Dominoes & Drinks

We run a bar (so drink is always high on the agenda) and despite the fact that this was a first birthday party, the majority of our guests were adults so I fully envisaged a fun filled, Prosecco fuelled afternoon. Catering, on the other hand, was a little trickier. Having hosted parties in the past I was well aware that this can turn into a ball ache of epic proportions leaving you welded to the oven and dishwasher! Well, to be honest, I just wasn’t up for that. I wanted to fully enjoy an afternoon watching the beautiful little girl my baby has become (and toasting myself and what a wonderful job I did growing and birthing her)! So, Mr.R came up with the (quite frankly epic) suggestion of ordering Dominoes! A stack of gold paper plates and 10 large pizzas saw the job done in style (and saved on a fair bit of washing up)!

Flamingo Drinks Stirrer

Princess Charlotte Pepa & Co Dress

I’m very pleased to say that everyone seems to have a lot of fun – smiling faces all round and we have some lovely pictures for Luna to look back on when she gets older. I just can’t believe my baby girl is one year old already. It’s a cliche but time has indeed flown. (I quite literally still feell like I’ve just has a baby)! I’m so hugely privileged to be her mummy and can’t wait to watch her grow over the years to come. Now to decide on next years theme…any suggestions???






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Wardrobe Picks – Ripped Jeans & Shirt

If I was only allowed to wear one look forever more it would be ripped jeans, an oversized shirt, and heels. If I had to describe ‘me’ with a single outfit choice, this would be it! In my recent August Favourites post, I talked about my love affair with Levi’s. Introducing pair No2 – The Levi’s 501 Skinny and yes, this time they’re made for girls! I absolutely adore ripped jeans. Yes they’re not for everyone – I’ve lost count of the times in my life I’ve been told  ‘you have holes in your jeans’ (like, yes I know – they’re supposed to be like that) and you do have to think about the hairy/milk bottle leg situation a little more than is usual for a denim lover but what can I say? I’m just a rock chic at heart. Give me a leather jacket, a band tee and a pair of ripped jeans and I’m as happy as a pig in s**t! Adding heels prevents you from entering Waynes World territory while a nonchalant demi tuck of the shirt really gives it attitude. The oversized shirt by ‘Weekday’ (part of the `H&M group) is a relatively new obsession – I love the ultra long sleeves and boyfriend vibe and to me, it’s crying out to be worn over something ultra feminine like a black lace camisole – watch this space. If you follow me on Instagram I have a feeling you’ll be seeing an awful lot more of both this shirt and brand. This look would be my go to for a (very rare) date night (in fact, this is the exact look I chose for birthday drinks when Mr.R & I were granted a few hours of liberty last Friday afternoon) or to be honest any occasion where I don’t have far to walk – this 30 something’s dancing feet are not what they once were…

Wardrobe Picks - Ripped Jeans and Shirt |

Wardrobe Picks - Ripped Jeans and Shirt |

Wardrobe Picks - Ripped Jeans and Shirt |

Wardrobe Picks - Ripped Jeans and Shirt |

Wardrobe Picks - Ripped Jeans and Shirt |

Wardrobe Picks - Ripped Jeans and Shirt |

Wardrobe Picks - Ripped Jeans and Shirt |

Wardrobe Picks - Ripped Jeans and Shirt |



SHIRT Weekday

SHOES Jimmy Choo

(I’m wearing the ‘Abel’ pump which has since been superseded by the ‘Romy'(linked))

BAG Saint Laurant (Similar)


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August Favourites – My Top Eight From The Eighth

August is and will forever be the countdown to my birthday (not that I’m a birthday diva or anything)! Luna arrived just a few days after my birthday so this year  August has meant the countdown to our baby girls very first birthday! Time seems to be slipping through my fingers and there’s absolutely nothing I can do about it, so, in a bid to stay in the moment and reflect on the good things in life, here’s a round up of my August Favourites – eight highlights from the eighth month…enjoy!


I couldn’t do an August Favourites post without mentioning Levi’s! If you follow my Instagram, you will have noticed that I’ve been living in my gents Levi 511’s. Opening myself up to shopping in the men’s department has been something of a revelation and I’ve found that the fit and wash of this particular pair have injected a much-needed shot of 2017 into my post baby wardrobe.  If you’ve read my recent styling post (Wardrobe Picks – Levi’s Tee & Blazer) you’ll know that I’ve been trying to navigate the new shapes and styles in the denim arena. Denim is such a focal point in everyone’s wardrobes these days that I truly believe that a well-chosen pair of jeans has the power to make a look, while a fit that’s slightly ‘off’ or not quite current can just as easily bring the whole thing crashing down! Expect to see many more jeans purchases in the coming weeks as I start to plan my autumn wardrobe.

Levi’s Gents 511 Jeans In Harbour Wash

August Favourites - Eight From The Eighth |

Party Planning

Luna celebrates her first birthday in the first week of September and I have been so excited to get stuck into party planning! We’ve gone for a big family affair at home with a bit of a botanical theme!  I’m aware that she will have no memory of the occasion but I plan to take lots of pictures for her to look back on! There’s an episode of The Big Bang Theory’ where Leonard says that his mother never allowed him to celebrate his birthday as it was her achievement, not his! Well, obviously I will be allowing Luna to celebrate her birthday but for this first year, yes I see it as celebrating everything about that day as well as our achievements in raising this little girl during the precious first year of her life. Consequently, the party will be filled with prosecco and gin and all good things! Stay tuned for a full report of Lunas First Birthday Bash!

August Favourites - Eight From The Eighth |

St Tropez Gradual Tan Plus Sculpt & Glow

If you’re a regular reader then you’ll know that we took our first family holiday this summer (My Top 5 Holiday Must Haves) which was amazing and hugely stressful at the same time. Gone are the days of lounging on the roof terrace, sangria in hand. With a small person to contend with, plastering on the SPF and sitting in the shade reading Old MacDonald is the new norm. Consequently, I came home from our Spanish adventure in an ever so slightly darker shade of milk than when we left! These days I have neither the time nor the patience for ‘real’ self-tan so this daily lotion has been an absolute lifesaver with all of these cropped jeans about! Yes, it does have that fake tan smell but it’s ever so subtle and I really can’t smell it on myself throughout the day (which is what has put me off about so many similar products). It’s subtle but buildable and just perfect for taking the blue tinge off my epidermis going into Autumn!

St Tropez Gradual Tan Plus Sculpt & Glow

August Favourites - Eight From The Eighth |


I’m having a bit of a moment with ASOS and I do realise I’m about ten thousand years late to the party here. Of course, I’ve dibbed in and out over the years, a bikini here, a maternity dress there but I’ve never really got the whole ‘ASOS fangirl movement (obviously too busy over at Net a Porter with my head stuck in the clouds). I remember the days when ASOS stood for ‘As Seen On Screen’ and every item was (what we now call) ‘a dupe’ for something a celebrity had been spotted wearing! Back in the day, I had a particularly fetching PVC version of Victoria Beckham’s black white and blue Dolce & Gabanna leather jacket! Thankfully, things have moved on and ASOS is now a global phenomenon with its own in house label as well as a vast selection of high street, premium, and niche designers! They also offer this amazing service where for £9.95 a year you get unlimited free next day delivery! I’m not gonna lie, this has paid for itself in the first week of signing up – definitely one for the August favourites!

August Favourites - Eight From The Eighth |

Aquazzura Flats

I treated myself to the pretty iconic Aquazzura Christy shoes not long after Luna was born. I figured that the occasions for heels would be few and far between so I may as well allocate my designer shoe budget towards something that I was going to get my wear out of. These flats are so chic – they have an old school ‘Holly Golightly’ vibe but with a distinctly modern twist. I have to admit that they’ve been a bit of a slow burn but all of a sudden they just seem to be working with my wardrobe – hence deciding to include it in my August Favourites! I don’t know whether it’s because I’ve all of a sudden found my direction after wandering about in the post-baby wilderness but they have well and truly been rediscovered and I’ve fallen in love anew!

Aquazzura Christy Shoes

August Favourites - Eight From The Eighth |

Baby Developments – Crawling & Chatting

No two days are the same with a miniature human in the house and I have to say that this stage of development just brings so much joy. The past month has brought us proper crawling (before she had this Comando crawl going down – my little SAS soldier) and all sorts of interesting jibber jabber! She imitates and points and chatters away which is so hilarious to watch and at the risk of sounding soppy, my heart just melts when I look at her little smiling face! Every day she seems to grow and learn a little more which is incredible and such a privilege to watch.

August Favourites - Eight From The Eighth |
Mucky Pup!

House Plants

My mother actually did a little LOL when I said ‘house plants are having a bit of a thing at the moment aren’t they’. I know it seems a little ‘off’ to talk about plants being on trend but it does seem to be all the rage to fill your home with all manner of jungle foliage. If you’ve been following me for a while then you’ll now that I’m rather partial to a blousy bloom – I literally can’t leave M&S without a bouquet of something pink and dreamy. However, recently I’ve been seduced by all kinds of alternative plantage – succulents, cacti and aloe vera to name but a few! Now I would be lying if I said my love for my new plants didn’t have something to do with my new gold plant pots which make me do a little happy dance when I come downstairs every morning! They’re just so glitzy and, well, gold! LOVE!

H&M Gold Planters

August Favourites - Eight From The Eighth |

Missoma Necklace

I’d lusted after the Missoma Horn necklace since I first clapped eyes on it and with it being ‘birthday time’ of year I decided it would make a perfect treat to self. I know gold (and rose gold in particular) is super ‘in’ right now but I’ve always loved the deliciously warms tones and that sumptuous, JLo vibe that it gives off – particularly with a tan. For me, this is going to be a part of my jewellery wardrobe for some time so was absolutely worth the slightly pricey price tag! I love the super fine chain and the pendant itself is deliciously tactile. This layering of fine necklaces look is one I can totally get on board with both with necklaces, bracelets, and rings…my next project.

Missoma ‘Lucy Williams’ Horn Necklace 

August Favourites - Eight From The Eighth |

What have been your August favourites? Do you have exciting news to share or maybe a must have purchase? I’d love to hear what you got up to in the eighth month…did someone say countdown to Christmas?

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