Wardrobe Picks – Kick Flare & Camisole

Wardrobe Picks - Lady In Red

Aside from my traditional love of denim, there’s the odd occasion when a good pair of tailored trousers just hits the spot. This russet pair from Zara is unashamedly ‘new season’ – can you imagine a more perfect colour heading into Autumn? I’m fairly tall (clocking on 5,9″) and these sweep the floor even paired with a 4-inch heel, so although perfect for me, the more, shall we say, ‘vertically challenged’ among you may need to seek the services of a good tailor. The kick flare gives a glamorous swoosh as you walk and they look awesome paired down with a simple t-shirt (I wore these for my birthday meal, teamed with a simple black crew neck tee and absolutely loved it.) They also have the advantage of balancing out the old ‘child bearing hips’ – I think I’ve been in skinnies so long I’ve forgotten the magical slimming effect of a wider leg! When debating this weeks wardrobe picks my inclination was to pair the trousers with a black silk camisole but the new season is simply awash with different shades of red so I thought, ‘what the hell’ let’s go all out and I have to say I’m delighted with the end result. I’ve talked about my love of silk camisoles before (Wardrobe Classics – Pink Trench & Denim) and they are definitely having a bit of a fashion moment (how rude – I liked them way before they were ‘in’. Ha)! Camisoles are a complete wardrobe staple for me –  They always look so on point paired with a tailored trouser but work just as well with ripped denim and a blazer or chunky cardi (this is very close to the look I wore on my first ever date with Mr.R over nine years ago now so it’s pretty much verging on classic). I’m making a conscious effort to try and push the boundaries with my wardrobe picks a little more this season (i.e not to wear jeans with everything) so expect to see more ventures into tailoring and even the odd dress or skirt coming your way as we move into Autumn/Winter. What are your picks for the new season.?

Black Leather Biker Jacket

Rayban Clubmaster

Missoma Lucy Williams Horn Necklace

Lakeland Leather Jacket

Wardrobe Picks - Kick Flare & Cami

Red Kick Flare Trouser









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