Coats, Crops & Falling Into Autumn

Frayed Hem Jeans

Yesterday I opened the door to feel Autumns chill biting my bare ankles. Golden leaves littered the doorstep and my breath formed steamy spirals in the surprisingly crisp morning air. Overnight the new season switch has been well and truly flipped and I for one am absolutely delighted! Fall is my favourite season. Firstly, September is my birthday month (so we’re starting on a winning note), but there’s an undeniable ‘feel’ to Autumn that never fails to delight. I can’t wait for bright frosty mornings, pumpkins, fireworks and (obviously) the start of ‘Strictly’. But, where my heart truly lies is in Autumn fashion! Don’t get me wrong, I love my denim cut-offs and Panama hat as much as the next girl but you just can’ beat wrapping up in a chunky knit, a cosy scarf and a statement coat! This cream number my Uterqüe (sadly from a few years ago now but I’ve linked similar below) had me at ‘hello’. Has anyone seen the movie ‘The First Wives Club?’ (bear with me, I have a point I promise). In the final scene, Diane Keaton (along with Bette Midler and Goldie Hawn) dances down the street wearing a long cream coat. It was love. There is something unfailingly chic, elegant and glamorous about a cream coat. A cream coat says, ‘I’ve got my shit together…I can go about my business looking super polished without getting, ahem, soiled! With this in mind, it’s no surprise that this coat very rarely sees the light of day…I have very strict criteria about when and where I can wear it, top of the list being:

a.     When I don’t have a miniature human in tow and

b.     When It’s not p**sing it down

Clearly, neither happens particularly frequently so after numerous discussions with my mother about not ‘saving things for best’ I’m starting to be of the opinion that I should just live and let live and enjoy my coat. I realise that crops and bare ankles may be a slight contradiction to everything I’ve just said but hey I’ve only just rediscovered my Aquazzura flats (check out my August Favourites) and as much as I love a pair of winter boots, I’m determined to go down fighting! Are you an Autumn lover too? What are your new season essentials?

Aquazzura Christy Shoe

Aquazzura Strappy Flats

Coats, Crops and Falling Into Autumn

Paige Cropped Jeans

Cream Uterqüe Coat

Dolce and Gabbana Belt

Cropped Flared Jeans

Grey Crew Neck ASOS Tee

Missoma Horn Necklace









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