Mom Jeans – So Wrong They’re Right

Breton Striped Tee

Victoria Beckham has just presented her Spring/Summer 2018 collection wearing a white tee and a pair of Mom jeans. I think my love affair with all things VB has already been noted (20 Facts About Me) so it should come as no surprise that the VB seal of approval has given me peace of mind about my recent sartorial picks. Mom jeans are not a trend I saw myself buying into. For a start, I am now a mother so the irony ship has well and truly sailed. Also, they’re just not that flattering. However, they have two very strong points in their favour. Firstly, they are beyond comfortable. For a girl who eschewed jeans until well into her teenage years solely based on the comfort factor, this is a big deal. Secondly, I have a bit of a thing for anything that comes under the header ‘borrowed from the boys’ (oversized tailoring, loafers, white shirts…you get the picture) and while ‘boyfriend jeans’ always seemed a bit overly baggy (90s skater boy was never my preferred vibe), Mom jeans seem to give that whole ‘too big, unflattering, wearing something that doesn’t belong to you style in a bit more of a, hmm, purposeful way. Anyhoo the upshot of this is that I have decided (in a very roundabout way) that I rather like Mom jeans – at least for this season where borrowed from the boys is an actual thing and not just an abstract notion ping-ponging around in my fuzzball of a brain. This particular pair are from Zara – a gorgeous washed out black that I’ve been reaching for on pretty much a daily basis! Here I’ve paired them with kitten heels (have a read of the lastest Hundred Pound Haul to here my thoughts) a burgundy striped tee, (the perfect autumnal twist on a classic Breton) and my grey Me & Em Blazer. Are Mom Jeans a look you’ll be buying into this season? What are your denim staples?

How To Style Mom Jeans

Mom Jeans - So Wrong They're Right

Zara Mom Jeans

Black Mom Jeans

Black Gucci Sunglasses

Massimo Dutti Kitten Heels

Massimo Dutti Shoes

Red Striped Tee

Mom Jeans, Autumn Trends | Jessica Rhoades


TEE – MASSIMO DUTTI (SIMILAR – I actually have this particular style in the navy & LOVE it)





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6 thoughts on “Mom Jeans – So Wrong They’re Right”

    1. Ahh, thank you so much! It’s taken me a while to get my head around them – I do think they are a bit of an acquired taste! xx


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