Glossier UK…The Review

Glossier UK Boy Brow

You would have to have been living on another planet not to notice the hype surrounding the launch of Glossier UK! It’s been built up, blogged about, reviewed and Instagrammed for months and, being the easily led beauty junkie I am, I was first in line when it finally launched at the beginning of October. Here are five picks from the most hotly anticipated launch of the year…

The Best of Glossier UK

Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser

If you’ve read my previous skincare posts then you’ll know that I’m pretty pedantic when it comes to cleansing so the Milky Jelly Cleanser was on my hit list from the get-go. The texture is most definitely a gel (i’m not entirely sure where the milk comes in) and I must say it does a lovely job of leaving the skin clean and soft. I love the packaging – a pump action is always super handy in the bathroom and this one is particularly ‘workable’ if you know what I mean? No, ok then. Umm, what I mean is that this seems unlikely to clog up (where you end up having to stick a pin down the nozzle) or shoot product out at such an alarming rate that it takes your eye out! What I didn’t care for was the fact that:

  1. It’s not heavy duty enough to get rid of makeup or SPF
  2. It feels a little on the claggy, verging on the sticky side and if I don’t get my follow up products on straight away it also feels a little drying.
  3. It’s just a bit joyless. My absolute favourite cleanser in the whole wide world is Oskia’s Renaissance Cleansing Gel (which smells like sweeties and just melts into your skin like a dream). In my mind, there’s just no comparison and I would be much more likely to repurchase the Oskia over the Glossier (which given that its significantly more expensive, pretty much says it all).

Milky Jelly Cleanser


Glossier Boy Brow

I know eyebrows are big news at the moment but bloomin heck when did they get so scary? I sat next to two girls in Pizza Express a few days ago who couldn’t have been more than fifteen and yet had beetle brows to rival Eugene Levy (the dad in American Pie for those of you not familiar). I myself am partial to more of a natural (but still groomed) “boy brow” but am completely and utterly crap with an eye pencil so products like this are the dream – the lazy girl’s brow buddy if you will. The formula is waxy enough to hold everything in place and fill in any gaps without that nasty, crunchy finish and the brush is teeny tiny so you can really get in there and be quite precise. Overall this is very similar to Benefit’s “Gimme Brow” which has been a staple in my makeup bag for quite a while now but I think that”Boy Brow” may just pip it to the post.


Cloud Paint

Once again, I’m going to start with the packaging. How could you not love these super cute paint tubes – what a delicious play on words! The formula is light and dewy but I’ve also found it to be quite buildable should you want a little more than a delicate flush of colour. Following the advice of Emily Weiss (oh that rhymed) – Glossier’s founder, I picked up the shades Dusk and Beam. Both colours are lovely in their own right, but mixed together make the prettiest peachy pink – perfect for no-makeup makeup days when you just want to look fresh-faced and well, pretty! The only downsides that I can see aren’t really downsides as such. The colours aren’t highly pigmented but then again they aren’t designed to be and, as I’ve said, they are quite buildable. Another potential con could be the small selection of colours but again, mixing the colours is a super easy way of achieving your preferred shade.

Glossier Cloud Paint


Balm Dot Com

Balm dot com is essentially a moisturising lip balm (although you certainly could use it on your cuticles or other dry patches). Now, I don’t think I’m the biggest fan of lip balm (I know, I know I can almost hear you all screaming at me). I just find it really irritating. As soon as I get it on my lips that’s all I can think about and I just want to get it off! The same goes for lipstick, to be honest, so I’m probably not the best person to give you advice in this area but I’ll give it my best shot. O.k the pros…firstly, it’s not sticky…that would just about send me over the edge and secondly, it really is very moisturising and leaves lips looking lovely and plumptious! The big con for me (apart from my general dislike of lip balms) is that the flavour is so subtle (I went for coconut) that I found myself licking my lips in desperate search of the juicy tropical taste I was hoping for. So many people recommended the coconut that I was really quite disappointed that the flavour just didn’t come through for me.

Balm Dot Com


Glossier Generation G Lipstick

Everything in the Glossier range is quite sheer and geared towards a natural – you but better – vibe. The Generation G lipstick is no different, offering a sheer matt wash of colour to give a simple and polished look. At the moment, I’m not getting on that well with the lipstick. The colour (I went for Cake) is so subtle it’s close to non-existent so I’m really hoping that with a little perseverance it will start offering a little more oomph as I really love the light texture. In its defence, I’m aware that I’ve chosen a very subtle shade in what is also a very subtle formula so I am tempted to try some of the darker, more berry shades which look like they will be perfect for the Autumn season.

Glossier UK Generation G Lipstick


The Pink Pouch

I couldn’t do a Glossier review without mentioning the infamous pink pouches! If you’re not in the know, all Glossier orders come in a pink bubble wrap zip lock bag which sounds distinctly, meh, but in reality is just the BEST THING EVER! Don’t ask me why but there is something incredibly satisfying about these little pouches almost to the point that I would place an order just for the bag! They are super handy, super cool and yeah, just super pleasing!

Have you tried Glossier UK yet? Do you have any must-haves that should be on my next shopping list?


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