Cashmere Woes – Finding The Perfect Luxury Knit

I love the idea of cashmere…soft, snuggly and super luxurious, I always imagine the cashmere wearing girl to be someone who holidays in Aspen and drives a vintage car! Now of course that’s nonsense – these days you can pick up a cashmere sweater alongside your bread and milk but well, I’m rather partial to the fantasy and In my experience, good cashmere is hard to find. I have bought at both low and high price points and I’ll be honest…up until now I’ve been disappointed. Firstly, there’s the itch factor. Now I’ve spoken about this before (check out my post on coloured knitwear) and while I know cashmere is supposed to be ‘above’ the myriad of scratchy knits on the market, until now I haven’t come across a piece that I could wear against my skin without some kind of barrier – i.e. a t-shirt (which just seemed to defeat the object)! Secondly, there’s the fluff factor – again I’ve spoken about this before but getting fluff up your nose or in your eye is so not glamorous. Finally there’s the bobble factor! If you are serious about investing in cashmere then a knitwear comb is essential – a bobbly fine knit sweater does not scream chic so much as cheap! In my eyes, de-bobbling is a completely non-negotiable part of the upkeep!

One of my first holiday purchases was this gorgeous fine knit camel cashmere sweater (what can I say, I must have had a premonition about the temperatures back home), which FYI, I can wear without a t-shirt underneath and (so far) has not bobbled!!! There’s something about camel coloured knitwear that just screams luxury so running with that theme, I’ve paired it with a cream coat and tan suede boots – impractical but oh so chic! What are your luxury must-haves?

Finding the perfect cashmere knit

uterque scarf

cream coat outfit

cashmere wars

camel cashmere sweater

brown suede boots

cream uterque coat










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A Pre Christmas Holiday In The Sun

Winter sun has never really featured in my yearly plans. The typical summer holiday is always a must and pre-baby Mr.R and I were rather fond of the odd city break (Manchester and Edinburgh always topping the list). This year however after a manic couple of months which saw us celebrate our daughters first birthday and open a new business (and with Christmas looming), we decided now was the time to grab a bit of winter sunshine! I’m not going to lie, this holiday was exactly what we needed and we really lucked out with the weather (November in Spain can be a little hit or miss)! We ate, we drank, we shopped. We visited each and every one of my favourite spots and yes we did the ultimate holiday activity…we watched Highlander and Bird On A Wire (maybe that ones peculiar to us – don’t knock it till you try it guys)!

What to Do, See & Eat On Holiday In The South Of Spain

What We Got Up To – Where To Explore

Having travelled to the South of Spain since the age of 9 months (coincidentally exactly the same age as Luna was on her first visit), I feel particularly well placed to recommend the things to do and places to see! But (and it’s quite a big but) if you’re after a guide to archaeological sites or want to know just what one wears to a pool party at the Ocean Club then this might not be for you! On the other hand, if shopping, eating and just generally chilling out is your bag then read on…

  • Puerto Banus
    Puerto Banus is my happy place. Look I know it’s not for everyone but in my mind, there’s nothing like sitting with a glass of wine watching all that life has to offer stroll by! The shopping is fantastic and contrary to popular legend isn’t confined to high end or luxury. All of my favourites are there – Zara, Massimo Dutti, Uterqüe as well as the huge department store El Corte Inglés for niche and premium brands, beauty and the shoe hall of dreams! Grab a coffee at Goyo and lunch at Picasso’s (which FYI was closed for refurbishment when we were there – how very rude). I’m a huge fan of ‘The Port’ during the day. Evenings, on the other hand, aren’t really my bag which leads me nicely on to…


Family Holiday In Spain

Goyo's Cafe Puerto Banus

  • Benahavís
    When we first discovered Benahavís it was a tiny little village nestled in the hills, accessible only by a winding potholed road – authentic and gorgeous. Today the road has been widened and tarmaced. The roundabouts have water fountains to rival Las Vegas and the restaurants have multiplied by five! But to me, this is still the prettiest, most atmospheric place and the restaurants are almost universally good! Try Los Abanicos for steak and Rufino for the best prawn pill pill in the world!
  • San Pedro Market
    You can’t go to Spain and not enjoy a mooch around a traditional market. This market is so authentic and you can get your essentials for far less than the much more commercial and ‘touristy’ market at Puerto Banus. We paid 2 euros for a huge bag of olives and 6 for a whole kilo of sweeties (yes we did scoff the lot)!
  • Olivia’s La Cala
    The latter half of my pregnancy was marked by the Rio Olympics and Elliot Wright – Playa In Marbella! For the uninitiated let me explain. The programme centres around Elliot Wright (cousin to Mark of TOWIE fame) and the ups and downs of opening a new bar/restaurant in Spain. For obvious reasons Mr.R and I were glued to this particular ITV Be spectacular and we couldn’t resist paying Olivia’s a cheeky visit! The fact that Elliot – fresh from honeymoon made an appearance was the icing on the cake!

Olivias La Cala

  • The Bullring Market
    Expensive and commercialised it may be but the Saturday market at the Bullring Puerto Banus is a must visit! The bricks and mortar stores on the plaza at the very top of the market are always worth a visit and don’t forget to start the day right – with a slap-up breakfast from Yanx…the triple stacked pancakes are to die for!

Puerto Banus Bullring Market

What I Bought

I had such good intentions of getting a good start on my Christmas shopping on this holiday but, (much like Black Friday) things rapidly went downhill when I spied a blazer… and a camisole (or maybe two)! I hit Zara, Massimo (you know what a soft spot I have for Massimo) and one of the aforementioned shops at the Bullring. Gunnels is a gorgeous little boutique with brands such as Wildfox, Twist and Tango and Samsøe ⏀ Samsøe! I couldn’t resist adding to my gold bangle stack and when I spied the lace camisole of dreams it was a done deal (despite the fact that it has given me serious underwear issues  – the post-breastfeeding boobs are definitely not up to braless these days)! I did rather better on the Christmas shopping front for Luna! I may have gone a little crazy in Neck & Neck (a gorgeous Spanish baby boutique) but it’s just beyond me to resist all those teeny tiny sweaters and lace trimmed shirts!

Caroline Svedbom Gold Bangle

Massimo Dutti Velvet Camisole

Samsøe ⏀ Samsøe Camisole

Neck and Neck Childrenswear

Holiday Shopping

As you have probably gathered, Spain for me is a bit of a home from home and I have a very concise and particular list of what I like to do and the places I like to visit. For me, its simply a little slice of heaven, a retreat and the most special of special places! Winter sun is definitely the way forward and the only downside I can think of is that as soon as we stepped off the plane in Newcastle, we were hit with the realisation that Christmas is just around the corner and, despite the very best of intentions my Christmas shopping isn’t quite as advanced as I had hoped! Are you a fan of the winter getaway? Whats your favourite holiday hotspot for a little winter fun in the sun?

Luna Belle

The Anine Bing Madeline Blazer – It’s Finally Mine!

If you’re a regular reader you probably won’t have failed to notice that I’ve developed a teeny bit of an obsession with the Anine Bing Madeline Blazer. I first mentioned it in my September Favourites and, like anything in life, wanting something and not being able to get your hands on it seems to make you want it all the more! This blazer has been a bit of a tease. When it sold out I immediately signed up to the waiting list and from then on we were embroiled in a game of cat and mouse – me chasing and always, always getting pipped to the post! I’m not normally one to hold out this long for a particular item but what can I say? When its love, its love! I finally got my hands on my current pride and joy at the beginning of November and to say I am impressed is an understatement! The fabric is so soft – more like a heavy bamboo jersey than the wool I was for expecting (you would think after stalking something for that long I would have eyed up the fabric composition if only to check out the cleaning instructions). It truly is everything I hoped for and more which is just as well as the price tag warranted definite consideration. Although checks are having a bit of a fashion moment, this is far from a trend piece and in my opinion is 100% worth the investment. I took advantage of our recent trip to Spain to shoot this look which I couldn’t resist styling in classic ‘me-fashion’ with jeans, heels and a silk camisole. Whats your sartorial pride and joy? Whats worth the investment for you?

Checked Blazers For 2017

Anine Bing Madeline Blazer

Anine Bing Madeline Blazer - It's Finally Mine!


Missoma Lucy Williams Necklace

Uterque Silk Camisole

Anine Bing Blazer Outfit







The Anine Bing Madeline Blazer is currently out of stock (again) but MANGO has some fabulous alternatives and at the time of writing there’s 30% off in the Black Friday sales – code BLACK17! Happy Shopping!


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Comfortable Flying – My Top Five Must Haves

I’m not a good traveller. It’s not a fear of flying per se, it’s more a fear of discomfort. Travel gives me a case of stomach churning, can’t go to the toilet until three days after you arrive at your destination, anxiety. I liken travel through an airport to a spell behind bars. You are bound by rules that seem to change every time and don’t get me started on security! Yes, I know that these days it’s a necessary evil but the whole process is nothing short of excruciating! That moment when you are finally released on the other side is, what I can only imagine being released from prison feels like. I learned long ago, that airports and I would never be friends so, in order to get through the inevitable horror and carve a path for comfortable flying, I have certain ‘essentials’ to keep me from losing my shit (and my travel companions from losing theirs…nobody likes to travel with a Moaning Myrtle guys)!

`how To Fly In Comfort

1. Outfit

I am full of admiration for the kind of girl who can slink onto the plane at 4 am in skinny jeans, heels and a full face of makeup. If you are that girl please leave me all the tips in the comments below – I am both jealous and intrigued! I can only surmise that they have a higher tolerance for discomfort than I do because really, getting all dressed up is nothing if not bloomin uncomfortable. So, my first rule of comfortable flying is ‘choose your outfit wisely’. Layers are always a good idea (you never know whether a flight is going to be freezing cold or red hot) and comfy knickers are a must! A scarf and a pair of socks are always handy and I try and keep my jewellery to the bare essentials. (If I’m honest this is to avoid any more trauma than is strictly necessary at the security stage-seriously, am I only the one who gets heart palpitations going through those beepy machines)?

The perfect travel outfit

Cashmere Jogging Bottoms

2. Speedy Boarding

This is an EasyJet specific tip so feel free to skip ahead if you frequent, shall we say, the more glamorous of airlines – you know, the ones where you’re given a meal and one of those little t.vs in the back of the headrest? A queue is a queue but when that queue snakes backwards and forwards like that game we were all addicted to on our good old Nokia 3310’s it’s enough to give even a dedicated plane spotter a case of serious airport anxiety! On our last trip this exact scenario presented itself and with a baby in tow the situation was far from ideal. I vowed there and then that I would never again travel without Speedy Boarding (basically paying extra for a queue jump)!

Comfortable Flying - My Top 5 Must Haves

3. VIP

A luxury I grant you but booking into the VIP lounge before we fly has significantly helped lower my anxiety levels. The fact that I am guaranteed a nice(er) toilet and a cup of coffee in relative peace has been a bit of a game changer and in my view is completely worth the extra pennies!

Jem and Bea Jemima Bag

4. Hydrate

Keeping my skin hydrated while travelling is always a challenge – there’s something about flying that seems to suck the life out of my epidermis so I always travel with a hydrating mist and a hand cream for that inevitable moment my visage starts to take on a Gordon Ramsey-esque quality. This is a. not comfortable, b. scary for my fellow passengers and c. (obviously) not great for my skin in general!

5. Take Me to My Happy Place

Last but not least always have an escape route. It might be an iPad stocked with movies or maybe you like to work from your laptop but, for me, a fully loaded kindle and if necessary a stiff G&T is perfect for taking my mind elsewhere where all else has failed! (n.b the G&T has to be really necessary as it does add to the aeroplane toilet induced anxiety which does not make for comfortable flying in the slightest)!

Are you a nervous nelly in the airport? What are your top tips for comfortable flying?

How to style a travel outfit

Next Cashmere Joggers

Comfortable Flying









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Blazer & Jeans – A Uniform In The Making

A uniform is supposedly the antithesis of what any fashion lover holds dear – namely the ability to choose, style and fashion their look at will or on a whim. As any former schoolgirl will attest, the rigidity of an enforced uniform is boring at it’s best and stifling at it’s worst! Who among us can honestly say they never bent the rules – hitched the waistband of a skirt or braved a forbidden hairdo? The irony is that no sooner do we leave the school gates and are thrown into the big wide world of dressing ourselves than we almost immediately crave the certainty and stability of at least knowing what we are putting on in the morning! I would argue that a uniform, of sorts, can and should have its place in your wardrobe if only to cover those days (and we all have them) where you just can’t seem to pull it together. For me, that uniform is jeans, a t-shirt and (shock) a blazer! I have numerous variations of this formula and I love that no matter the occasion, or whether my brain has turned to sleep deprived mush, there’s always a formula to fall back on and a formula that works! If you read about the latest hundred pound haul you may have clocked this blush pink beauty from ASOS. Now you may think that this pretty shade of ‘Millenial Pink’ (yes that’s what the kids are calling it these days) isn’t particularly ‘Autumnal’ but pair it with shades of berry and chic leopard print accessories and the colour suddenly takes on a whole new vibe! Here, I’ve styled my ‘uniform’ in action, teaming the blazer with my staple cropped flared jeans, a t-shirt and heels. Do you have a style crutch? Whats your off-duty uniform?

A Uniform For Life

Jeans & Blazer Outfit

Blush Pink Blazer

Blazer & Jeans Outfit

ASOS Pink Blazer

Pink Blazer Outfit

A Uniform In The Making








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The Hundred Pound Haul – The ASOS Edit

It was universally agreed that this hundred pound haul was the most challenging to date which, I have to say, came as something of a surprise. ASOS is vast, both in quantity and variety and I think the difficulty lay in the simple fact that give a girl too much choice and she is liable to get so befuddled that she either a. orders ALL THE THINGS, or b. orders nothing at all and ends up somewhere with a more edited selection. Anna from The Anna Edit has a great guide on ‘how to shop ASOS’ for this very eventuality – it’s obviously quite a common problem! I think I fall into the former of the two scenarios – as I mentioned back in August, I’m having a bit of a love affair with ASOS at the moment so I rather enjoyed both the challenge and the prospect of putting my new premier delivery service into action (it’s really quite excellent). Heres a rundown of my picks from the ASOS edit of the hundred pound haul…

Selected Femme Dress

Selected Femme Dress

After the big wardrobe detox of 2017, my closet has been looking shall we say a bit sparse. As far as I’m concerned this isn’t gratuitous shopping for shoppings sake – I have been in dire need of a bit of a splurge (I’m sure Mr R would beg to differ but then again it’s probably too much of an ask to expect any husband out there to actually admit his wife needs some new clothes)! This streamlined knit dress by Selected Femme was a bit of a wildcard and I surprised myself by how much I loved it! The beauty lies in its simplicity – crew neck with elbow length sleeves, the dress falls just below the knee and simply pulls on over the head. I’ve already worn this slinky number with boots but I’m pretty sure it will work equally as well with heels, strappy flats – I’m thinking my black Aquazzura Chrissy flats – or even a good old pair of converse! The knit is heavy enough to skim over any lumps and bumps while still giving you that fitted silhouette… the dream!


Mango Sweater

Mango Red Sweater

As I said, I’m in the process of pretty much building my wardrobe up from scratch and this Mango sweater ticked the ‘token colourful sweater’ box nicely! I’ll be honest, this one didn’t fill me with excitement BUT again I was surprised by just how much I like it (basically I over ordered operating on the assumption that I’d have to send a percentage back – yeah, I should really have known better with that one). The half turtleneck and balloon sleeves are cute details on what would otherwise be a simple fine knit sweater. The tomato red colour will be fab with ripped jeans and trainers and I can’t wait to pair it with my new Anine Bing Blazer (yes I finally got my hands on it – pictures coming soon)!


Whistles Earrings

After I got married, in search of a bit of a buzz, I had a couple of extra ear piercings but I’ve never really done anything with them, preferring a couple of simple studs. When I saw these hoops and studs from Whistles I thought why the heck not (plus I have a little bit of a thing for moons since Luna came along)! I’m absolutely in love with the whole range from Maria Tash so until Mr.R can make good on my Christmas wish list, these fit the bill nicely! They are both now sold out on ASOS but are still available through the Whistles site.



ASOS Own Brand Pink Blazer

ASOS Own Brand Pink Blazer

I hold my hands up, this was a bit of a cheeky add-on but you know me and blazers! There’s a post coming up all about this beauty so I’ll won’t go into details but suffice to say, this is a stunner!


ASOS Own Brand Baker Boy Hat

ASOS Baker Boy Cap

Heres where things went downhill a bit. I love a baker boy cap in winter and this one with its gold studs just looked the business. Unfortunately either I have a head to rival Helena Bonham-Carter’s Red Queen or the fit of this is minuscule! It’s now sold out so I’m inclined to believe the former!

Best Of The Rest

I would say that that is one successful haul. The others, on the other hand, had mixed results with one tester sending everything back bar a basic white tee! Some top picks were…

  1. Religion Blazer
  3. Weekday Pink Sweater (SOLD OUT BUT SIMILAR HERE)

We were extremely lucky to time our haul at the time of one of ASOS’s 20% off days (keep an eye out, with black Friday coming up and pretty sure there’ll be some amazing deals to be had). The downside of this is that things tend to sell out extremely quickly – I’ve linked what I can but apologies if some things or sizes are no longer in stock. There’s some great fashion content coming up with items included in the haul so make sure you stay tuned for those! Are you an ASOS lover? What have you got your eyes on for Black Friday weekend?

The Hundred Pound Haul ASOS

Skirting The Issue – Stepping Out Of My Comfort Zone

It should come as no surprise that denim is, like a lot of people, where my comfort zone lies. A skirt is something of an alien garment and I admit, I’ve never quite got to grips with it. Don’t get me wrong, I love skirts on other people. A cursory flick through Pinterest will turn up literally thousands of glossy pics of the kind of girl that can pull off a pleated blush pink midi skirt without looking like some kind of throwback to a 1950’s US Prom! In my teenage years, I was all about the mini skirt. A mini seemed both easy to wear and style up, although if somethings not easy to wear at the age of eighteen then what hope is there? In my twenties the pencil skirt was the object of my affection – I clearly remember trying to recreate Roland Mouret’s Galaxy dress with a black satin pencil skirt and a knockoff Topshop top. Now I’m in my thirties I’m determined to crack the midi! I think my issue with the whole skirt genre is how to style it. Usually, I’m pretty good at pulling looks together but more often than not when faced with a skirt I draw a bit of a blank. My default is always, without fail a white shirt. A white shirt and skirt- whatever the style will always be a winning combo! I think the key to making something that’s out of your comfort zone work for you is to keep it simple and play up your accessories. Here I picked a black fine knit sweater topped with a classic leather biker jacket. The statement patent boots are a great contrast to the cream wool skirt and give edge to an inherently feminine style. What are your thoughts on midi skirts? How do you style yours?

breaking out of my comfort zone

Midi skirt and boots

cream wool skirt

midi skirt outfit

stepping out of my comfort zone








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October Favourites – My Top Ten From The Tenth

October has been a busy month in the Rhoades household! On top of the fact that we’ve just launched our new Bar & Restaurant Spider & Fly, we’ve had a milestone birthday, a new hairdo and a bit of a Netflix addiction! Here are my October favourites – my top ten from the tenth!

Boy Brow

If I had my pick of the entire Glossier range, Boy Brow would far and away be top of the list! This waxy brow gel is the perfect lazy girls’ brow buddy managing to groom and thicken without needing the steady hand required of a pencil! If you’ve read my Glossier review you’ll already know that this brow gel totally tickled my fancy, even managing to knock my staple – “Benefit Gimme Brow” – off its pedestal!

Glossier UK Boy Brow


Short Hair Don’t Care

I so did not want to fall into the cliche of ‘woman has baby, woman cuts hair, woman becomes frump’ but yes I have gone for the chop! Nothing too drastic I hasten to add (I still have the memories of my late 90’s Posh Spice Pixi cut to contend with) but so far I’m absolutely loving it!

Burgundy Zara Jumper

M&S Autograph 

The Marks & Spencer Autograph range for kids is just to die for! Don’t get me wrong, the regular M&S range regularly comes up trumps but every time I spy something new from the Autograph range I just have to have it. It’s like an illness! The quality is amazing (if there’s one thing you can’t fault M&S on its quality), the items nearly always have these gorgeous little gold buttons and the fabrics and prints are so so pretty. Now obviously I’m talking as the mother of a little girl but after a cursory glance at the boys offering, I can confirm that the whole range is just as gorgeous and in fact would work equally as well for both sexes…I know, that’s a whole other conversation right there!


Christmas Good Housekeeping

Yes, this is an October favourites post – you haven’t gotten lost and ended up at the back end of November! The party season is officially almost upon us! Somewhere around the mid-1990’s, I purchased what can only be described as the best,  most Christmassy magazine you ever did see! It had it all, page upon glossy page of twinkling Christmas trees, articles detailing the history of many of our Christmas traditions, interviews with celebrities who would tell all about their magical Christmas rituals and the best and worst gifts they ever received! Ever since I’ve always looked forward to Christmas Good Housekeeping and for some reason it’s just never lived up to that perfect issue! This year is no exception but the Christmas issue always marks the start of my favourite time of year and I couldn’t be more excited!

October Favourites Christmas Good Housekeeping

The Crown

I am so late to the party with this one so I hope you will forgive me. I love the Royal Family…no really I LOVE the Royal Family. I have the Royal Wedding on DVD which pretty much says it all so I was absolutely itching to get involved with the Netflix series ‘The Crown’! I’ve been pestering Mr.R to get Netflix for ages and he would always say we didn’t need it as we already have Sky and Amazon (solely for bloody Jeremy Clarkson I might add). Anyway, obviously he has relented and we are now halfway through the Crown and loving it! Mr.R isn’t of the same persuasion as I am when it comes to Her Majesty but I have to say (whisper it), I think this is actually starting to turn him round to my way of thinking (which is never not a good thing)!

What She Said Podcast

I am so into Podcasts right now and am always looking for recommendations! This one is very topical for me at the moment as its all about blogging and the blogging community. Lucy from Wanderluce presents this podcast in a very informal ‘let’s sit down with a cuppa and have a chat’ kind of a way which instantly draws you in and makes you feel part of the conversation. I have learned so much from this podcast. I honestly don’t think you could buy the kind of information and advice that is given so readily and I really am quite grateful to Lucy and her guests for all the advice they have been so generous to impart. Although it’s quite a niche topic I do think non-bloggers would find it quite interesting as I am constantly asked by friends and family what its all about and how do people make there careers online. This podcast goes a long way to answering these questions while showing how much hard work and times goes into the making and running of a blog.


Podcasts & Pinterest - My October Favourites


I became seriously addicted to Pinterest when I was planning my wedding but since then I’ve been sporadic at best at keeping on top of my profile. Now you would be forgiven for thinking that Pinterest is a form of social media, another Instagram or Twitter if you will. However, what I have learned in the last couple of weeks has been mindblowing and, if like me you are looking to grow an online presence (be that a blog, a business or even an Instagram following) this information has been groundbreaking. Are you ready? O.k here it is…Pinterest is a Search Engine! Those five little words have changed how I view Pinterest and I can now see what a useful tool it can be in driving traffic to my blog. Now, I am no expert and I certainly haven’t seen the huge increase in visitors that so many bloggers report after a bit of Pinterest tweaking but my stats are certainly moving in the right direction and I’m hopeful that with a little bit more time, practice and effort Ill start to see more of an improvement!

Jessica Rhoades Pinterest Page


The Organised Mum 

I know I bang on about the difficulties of being a new mum but one thing I really have battled with since Luna was born is keeping on top of the housework. Obviously washing and ironing is going to be an issue when a: you have to put a load of washing on approx 25000 times per day and b: you are not prepared to sacrifice ironing the sheets and tea towels (I thought this was normal but considering the amount of abuse I get for it, I must be in the minority)? Cleaning the bathroom is up there with going for a smear test in terms of enjoyment levels and goddamit who are these people who hoover the house every single day??? Er, well, these days that would be me! I have recently discovered The Organised Mum and Oh. My. God,  it has changed my life! In a nutshell, you do certain jobs every day (think making the beds, putting a load of washing on, having a quick clean of the bathroom) and half an hour targeted cleaning in a particular room every day Mon-Fri. This method is so simple and yet so genius. Before I used to try and clean the whole house in one go which is absolutely soul destroying. Now, my house is pretty much clean, tidy and ready to go at all times which for an anal retentive Virgo with a fourteen-month-old bulldozer to contend with, is just bliss I tell you! BLISS!



O.k, so this is a bit of an extension of my new found love for The Organised Mum method but wow, how did I not know about Zoflora? For those of you who, like me had never heard of the stuff let me explain. Zoflora is a multi-purpose, fragranced antiseptic liquid that can be used neat or diluted to clean, freshen and disinfect without the whole house ending up smelling clinical or hospital like. Don’t get me wrong I love the smell of Dettol as much as the next neat freak but admittedly, the smell probably isn’t all that appealing to a potential visitor. I’m working my way through the fragrances at the moment and so far the new limited edition ‘winter mornings’ scent is my favourite and probably the least headache inducing! If you are in no way interested in cleaning products then do feel free to jump ahead- I am aware that only a complete geek would include a cleaning product in her October favourites!

Zoflora Winter Mornings


And Finally…A Milestone Birthday!

I couldn’t do an October favourites round up without mentioning the fact that this was the month that Mr. Wonderful aka my dad turned 60! We threw a fabulous birthday party at our new bar & restaurant, Spider & Fly where we served prosecco, mini burgers & golf-themed cupcakes and just generally had a ball! Happy Birthday to Luna’s favourite Granda!

60th Birthday Party


So those were my October favourites – How was it for you? Are you all looking forward to the party season?

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Playing With The Boys…The Flight Jacket Of Dreams

Oh, the aviator jacket. I defy you to look at this iconic garment and not have the words “Tom Cruise” immediately jump to mind! I admit I’ve played up to the image with the shades, but really? who doesn’t want a bit of flyboy action in their winter wardrobe? A really great flight jacket has been on my wishlist for the past few seasons but so far nothing had really hit the spot – the Acne Aviator Jacket of dreams came damn close mind you – a snip at a mere £2100 – needless to say it has never migrated from wish list to shopping basket! As usual, Zara has come up trumps with this – I would say pretty much perfect – flight jacket. I’m usually a stickler for fabrics to be the real deal so the fact that this is both faux leather and faux sheepskin would under normal circumstances have me curling my lip but the quality and feel of the jacket are amazing! The classic sheepskin flying jacket was invented in the mid-twenties to meet the demands of both pilots and aircrew who, in open cockpits with altitudes soaring, were subjected to ever lower temperatures! Well, it can definitely get a little nippy here in the Scottish borders and this jacket is so super snuggly and easy to throw on over jeans and a tee – something I really felt was missing from my winter wardrobe. The jacket comes in the classic black/sheepskin combo or for a more modern twist theres burgundy, all black and khaki options – all under a hundred quid! I couldn’t style this any other way than full on ‘Maverick’ mode..ripped jeans, grey tee, black boots and the ubiquitous Ray Bans complete the look! Will you be buying into the flyboy trend this season?

The Ultimate Aviator Jacket

Ripped Levi Jeans

Tom Cruise Top Gun Style

Tan Gucci Belt

Flight Jacket Outfit

The Flight Jacket Of Dreams









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