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October has been a busy month in the Rhoades household! On top of the fact that we’ve just launched our new Bar & Restaurant Spider & Fly, we’ve had a milestone birthday, a new hairdo and a bit of a Netflix addiction! Here are my October favourites – my top ten from the tenth!

Boy Brow

If I had my pick of the entire Glossier range, Boy Brow would far and away be top of the list! This waxy brow gel is the perfect lazy girls’ brow buddy managing to groom and thicken without needing the steady hand required of a pencil! If you’ve read my Glossier review you’ll already know that this brow gel totally tickled my fancy, even managing to knock my staple – “Benefit Gimme Brow” – off its pedestal!

Glossier UK Boy Brow


Short Hair Don’t Care

I so did not want to fall into the cliche of ‘woman has baby, woman cuts hair, woman becomes frump’ but yes I have gone for the chop! Nothing too drastic I hasten to add (I still have the memories of my late 90’s Posh Spice Pixi cut to contend with) but so far I’m absolutely loving it!

Burgundy Zara Jumper

M&S Autograph 

The Marks & Spencer Autograph range for kids is just to die for! Don’t get me wrong, the regular M&S range regularly comes up trumps but every time I spy something new from the Autograph range I just have to have it. It’s like an illness! The quality is amazing (if there’s one thing you can’t fault M&S on its quality), the items nearly always have these gorgeous little gold buttons and the fabrics and prints are so so pretty. Now obviously I’m talking as the mother of a little girl but after a cursory glance at the boys offering, I can confirm that the whole range is just as gorgeous and in fact would work equally as well for both sexes…I know, that’s a whole other conversation right there!


Christmas Good Housekeeping

Yes, this is an October favourites post – you haven’t gotten lost and ended up at the back end of November! The party season is officially almost upon us! Somewhere around the mid-1990’s, I purchased what can only be described as the best,  most Christmassy magazine you ever did see! It had it all, page upon glossy page of twinkling Christmas trees, articles detailing the history of many of our Christmas traditions, interviews with celebrities who would tell all about their magical Christmas rituals and the best and worst gifts they ever received! Ever since I’ve always looked forward to Christmas Good Housekeeping and for some reason it’s just never lived up to that perfect issue! This year is no exception but the Christmas issue always marks the start of my favourite time of year and I couldn’t be more excited!

October Favourites Christmas Good Housekeeping

The Crown

I am so late to the party with this one so I hope you will forgive me. I love the Royal Family…no really I LOVE the Royal Family. I have the Royal Wedding on DVD which pretty much says it all so I was absolutely itching to get involved with the Netflix series ‘The Crown’! I’ve been pestering Mr.R to get Netflix for ages and he would always say we didn’t need it as we already have Sky and Amazon (solely for bloody Jeremy Clarkson I might add). Anyway, obviously he has relented and we are now halfway through the Crown and loving it! Mr.R isn’t of the same persuasion as I am when it comes to Her Majesty but I have to say (whisper it), I think this is actually starting to turn him round to my way of thinking (which is never not a good thing)!

What She Said Podcast

I am so into Podcasts right now and am always looking for recommendations! This one is very topical for me at the moment as its all about blogging and the blogging community. Lucy from Wanderluce presents this podcast in a very informal ‘let’s sit down with a cuppa and have a chat’ kind of a way which instantly draws you in and makes you feel part of the conversation. I have learned so much from this podcast. I honestly don’t think you could buy the kind of information and advice that is given so readily and I really am quite grateful to Lucy and her guests for all the advice they have been so generous to impart. Although it’s quite a niche topic I do think non-bloggers would find it quite interesting as I am constantly asked by friends and family what its all about and how do people make there careers online. This podcast goes a long way to answering these questions while showing how much hard work and times goes into the making and running of a blog.


Podcasts & Pinterest - My October Favourites


I became seriously addicted to Pinterest when I was planning my wedding but since then I’ve been sporadic at best at keeping on top of my profile. Now you would be forgiven for thinking that Pinterest is a form of social media, another Instagram or Twitter if you will. However, what I have learned in the last couple of weeks has been mindblowing and, if like me you are looking to grow an online presence (be that a blog, a business or even an Instagram following) this information has been groundbreaking. Are you ready? O.k here it is…Pinterest is a Search Engine! Those five little words have changed how I view Pinterest and I can now see what a useful tool it can be in driving traffic to my blog. Now, I am no expert and I certainly haven’t seen the huge increase in visitors that so many bloggers report after a bit of Pinterest tweaking but my stats are certainly moving in the right direction and I’m hopeful that with a little bit more time, practice and effort Ill start to see more of an improvement!

Jessica Rhoades Pinterest Page


The Organised Mum 

I know I bang on about the difficulties of being a new mum but one thing I really have battled with since Luna was born is keeping on top of the housework. Obviously washing and ironing is going to be an issue when a: you have to put a load of washing on approx 25000 times per day and b: you are not prepared to sacrifice ironing the sheets and tea towels (I thought this was normal but considering the amount of abuse I get for it, I must be in the minority)? Cleaning the bathroom is up there with going for a smear test in terms of enjoyment levels and goddamit who are these people who hoover the house every single day??? Er, well, these days that would be me! I have recently discovered The Organised Mum and Oh. My. God,  it has changed my life! In a nutshell, you do certain jobs every day (think making the beds, putting a load of washing on, having a quick clean of the bathroom) and half an hour targeted cleaning in a particular room every day Mon-Fri. This method is so simple and yet so genius. Before I used to try and clean the whole house in one go which is absolutely soul destroying. Now, my house is pretty much clean, tidy and ready to go at all times which for an anal retentive Virgo with a fourteen-month-old bulldozer to contend with, is just bliss I tell you! BLISS!



O.k, so this is a bit of an extension of my new found love for The Organised Mum method but wow, how did I not know about Zoflora? For those of you who, like me had never heard of the stuff let me explain. Zoflora is a multi-purpose, fragranced antiseptic liquid that can be used neat or diluted to clean, freshen and disinfect without the whole house ending up smelling clinical or hospital like. Don’t get me wrong I love the smell of Dettol as much as the next neat freak but admittedly, the smell probably isn’t all that appealing to a potential visitor. I’m working my way through the fragrances at the moment and so far the new limited edition ‘winter mornings’ scent is my favourite and probably the least headache inducing! If you are in no way interested in cleaning products then do feel free to jump ahead- I am aware that only a complete geek would include a cleaning product in her October favourites!

Zoflora Winter Mornings


And Finally…A Milestone Birthday!

I couldn’t do an October favourites round up without mentioning the fact that this was the month that Mr. Wonderful aka my dad turned 60! We threw a fabulous birthday party at our new bar & restaurant, Spider & Fly where we served prosecco, mini burgers & golf-themed cupcakes and just generally had a ball! Happy Birthday to Luna’s favourite Granda!

60th Birthday Party


So those were my October favourites – How was it for you? Are you all looking forward to the party season?

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