Comfortable Flying – My Top Five Must Haves

Flight Essentials

I’m not a good traveller. It’s not a fear of flying per se, it’s more a fear of discomfort. Travel gives me a case of stomach churning, can’t go to the toilet until three days after you arrive at your destination, anxiety. I liken travel through an airport to a spell behind bars. You are bound by rules that seem to change every time and don’t get me started on security! Yes, I know that these days it’s a necessary evil but the whole process is nothing short of excruciating! That moment when you are finally released on the other side is, what I can only imagine being released from prison feels like. I learned long ago, that airports and I would never be friends so, in order to get through the inevitable horror and carve a path for comfortable flying, I have certain ‘essentials’ to keep me from losing my shit (and my travel companions from losing theirs…nobody likes to travel with a Moaning Myrtle guys)!

`how To Fly In Comfort

1. Outfit

I am full of admiration for the kind of girl who can slink onto the plane at 4 am in skinny jeans, heels and a full face of makeup. If you are that girl please leave me all the tips in the comments below – I am both jealous and intrigued! I can only surmise that they have a higher tolerance for discomfort than I do because really, getting all dressed up is nothing if not bloomin uncomfortable. So, my first rule of comfortable flying is ‘choose your outfit wisely’. Layers are always a good idea (you never know whether a flight is going to be freezing cold or red hot) and comfy knickers are a must! A scarf and a pair of socks are always handy and I try and keep my jewellery to the bare essentials. (If I’m honest this is to avoid any more trauma than is strictly necessary at the security stage-seriously, am I only the one who gets heart palpitations going through those beepy machines)?

The perfect travel outfit

Cashmere Jogging Bottoms

2. Speedy Boarding

This is an EasyJet specific tip so feel free to skip ahead if you frequent, shall we say, the more glamorous of airlines – you know, the ones where you’re given a meal and one of those little t.vs in the back of the headrest? A queue is a queue but when that queue snakes backwards and forwards like that game we were all addicted to on our good old Nokia 3310’s it’s enough to give even a dedicated plane spotter a case of serious airport anxiety! On our last trip this exact scenario presented itself and with a baby in tow the situation was far from ideal. I vowed there and then that I would never again travel without Speedy Boarding (basically paying extra for a queue jump)!

Comfortable Flying - My Top 5 Must Haves

3. VIP

A luxury I grant you but booking into the VIP lounge before we fly has significantly helped lower my anxiety levels. The fact that I am guaranteed a nice(er) toilet and a cup of coffee in relative peace has been a bit of a game changer and in my view is completely worth the extra pennies!

Jem and Bea Jemima Bag

4. Hydrate

Keeping my skin hydrated while travelling is always a challenge – there’s something about flying that seems to suck the life out of my epidermis so I always travel with a hydrating mist and a hand cream for that inevitable moment my visage starts to take on a Gordon Ramsey-esque quality. This is a. not comfortable, b. scary for my fellow passengers and c. (obviously) not great for my skin in general!

5. Take Me to My Happy Place

Last but not least always have an escape route. It might be an iPad stocked with movies or maybe you like to work from your laptop but, for me, a fully loaded kindle and if necessary a stiff G&T is perfect for taking my mind elsewhere where all else has failed! (n.b the G&T has to be really necessary as it does add to the aeroplane toilet induced anxiety which does not make for comfortable flying in the slightest)!

Are you a nervous nelly in the airport? What are your top tips for comfortable flying?

How to style a travel outfit

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