Blogmas – My Unashamedly Glitzy & Glam Door Wreath

Blogmas - My Glitzy and Glam Door Wreath

Ahh, the door wreath. Is there a more welcoming sight than a front door adorned with a garland of winter foliage, pine cones and red ribbons? A door wreath proclaims to the world that yes, Christmas has indeed arrived in your household and seems to add a certain assurance of a warm and hospitable greeting. Visions of steaming mugs of mulled wine and the spicy scent of warm mince pies abound! I have a borderline obsessive love for my door wreath which is the complete antithesis to the traditional circlet I’ve just described! Let me just say straight off…it’s a little, shall we say, garish! It’s bright and shiny and span-dangly and it creates the most almighty mess when it drops its little gold palettes (which FYI are also horribly sharp and not at all baby friendly). Despite all of this I would be really quite heartbroken if I had to give it up. A little bit of history…My mam bought this wreath a long time ago – I have a feeling it could be ten years or more. It came from Fenwick in Newcastle and was unlike anything we had seen (or have seen since for that matter). We both fell in love and excitedly headed back to home to see it in action. this is where things fell a little flat. Now my mam has the most beautiful front door – it’s a wide, solid wooden door with a  modern edge which we thought would be the perfect backdrop for our super fancy new wreath. Unfortunately, it just seemed to get a bit lost against the wood – nice but not wow! Mam persevered for a few years until I had my own front door to decorate and then the golden wreath of dreams became mine! I now always make sure my front door is painted in a moody shade with a slightly matt finish – yep the sole reason being that for one month of the year I get to show off my fantasy wreath in all its glory! How do you decorate your front door for Christmas? Do you opt for fresh foliage or do you have something more sentimental to bring out each year?

glitzy and glam door wreath gold sparkly foor wreath gold christmas door wreath

I mentioned that I had never come across anything similar but Amara has a lovely selection of glitzy and unusual wreaths if you are fancying something a little different this year…

Amara Door Wreath


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