Blogmas – Everyday Sequins With Markus Lupfer

Everyday Sequins with Markus Lupfer

Growing up I was very much a girly girl. I took ballroom dancing classes and wistfully dreamt of the day I would be old enough to wear the fuschia pink frocks that came complete with sequins, organza sleeves and a feather hem. In my time I have owned sequinned leggings, sequinned camisoles, sequinned scarves and of course the obligatory sequinned dress! These days, my everyday style has much more of a ‘borrowed from the boys’ vibe but what can I say? Underneath all those blazer & jeans combos there’s a closet magpie. A playful Markus Lupfer sweater makes a brilliant addition to any fashion fans closet. The now iconic ‘Lara Lips’ design is a bit of a modern classic and at this time of year makes the perfect ‘fash-pack- alternative to the more, shall we say ‘flamboyant’ Christmas jumper. This sweater is a bit of a masterclass in how to wear sequins during the day. We’re all guilty of stashing the bling in the back of our wardrobes, only to see the light of day during those four weeks of the year that it’s deemed appropriate. But, by switching leather leggings for cropped denim and a smart jacket for a chunky knit or winter coat there’s really no reason you cant take your sequins out for a daytime spin. Here I’ve paired my ‘Lara Lips’ sweater (a few years old now but there are new designs each season) with cropped, flared jeans and loafers – boots work just as well if you’re just not up for braving the ankle chill (check out my post on boots & crops) and a blush coat to pick up on the hot pink of the lips. Wearing my Saint Laurent bag cross body immediately gives a more relaxed vibe – this would be the perfect Christmas shopping followed by cocktails look.

What are your thoughts on wearing sequins during the day? On point or over the top?

Paige Cropped Jeans Outfit

Saint Laurent Sac Universitè

Pink Zara Coat Outfit

Pink Zara Coat

Pink Winter Coat

Everyday sequins

Markus Lupfer Sweater Outfit

Markus Lupfer Sequin Sweater







Elf  On The Shelf – The Adventures Of Tuukka Tuukka DAY14

mucky face elf

elf on the shelf eating chocolate





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