Blogmas – How I Decorate My Christmas Tree

Blogmas - How I Decorate My Christmas Tree

The ritual of putting up the Christmas tree is one of the highlights of the year. I’ve already talked at length about the proper way to decorate the tree (festive tunes and wine feature heavily) so without further ado here’s the big reveal…

blush pink christmas tree

blush pink and gold christmas decorations

pearl christmas bauble

The Great Tree Debate…Real v Fake

I can appreciate a real Christmas tree, really I can. The smell is beautiful, it’s traditional and feels authentic. The downsides to a real tree are well documented –

  1. Dropped needles,
  2. That pungent whiff that arises when the tree suddenly decides that it has had enough of being stuffed in a hot room and covered with glitter!
  3. Gapping. This is my main issue and it’s purely a case of personal preference. I like to operate what I call a ‘more is more’ aesthetic. This includes judiciously filling the gaps with sparkling gold twigs. A real tree just isn’t dense enough for the footballer’s wife/glitter explosion look I tend to gravitate toward.

Colour Scheme

I’ve always been a traditional girl at heart and really, you just can’t beat red, gold and green for all the Christmas feels. However, last year it suddenly dawned on me that I had collected an inordinate amount of blush coloured baubles and trinkets including a rather fabulous bejewelled bird (clearly I have been very easily seduced by the whole ‘millennial pink’ movement). Normally I would use this colour scheme to dress the stairs or the above the fireplace but such was the quantity I decided to go for the whole hog and create what would probably have been my childhood fantasy tree!

More Is Always More

You may have gathered by now that I am no minimalist when it comes to dressing the Christmas tree! Maximalism all the way! This year I’ve have managed to restrain myself, only adding one or two new pieces to my collection though West Elm has me very tempted with their Christmas offering! Definitely worth checking out if you’re in the market!

Which side of the Christmas tree debate do you fall on? How do you decorate yours?

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