Blogmas – How I Wrap My Christmas Gifts 2017

Blogmas - How I Wrap My Christmas Gifts 2017

I’ve already touched on how I decorate my Christmas tree so today its the turn of how I wrap my Christmas gifts. I’m a bit pedantic when it comes to Christmas gift wrapping and always try and stick to a theme. This year the theme is Scandi style meets American classic – simple but very very festive…

christmas wrapping scheme

Wrapping Paper

This year’s wrapping paper of choice is a simple, glossy, festive red. Cox & Cox are great for Christmas wrap and ribbons as everything comes in bumper sizes! After a cursory glance around the high street stores, there didn’t seem to be much available above a 5-metre roll with most averaging 3 metres. This is a humungous 10-metre roll which although a little pricey, will be more than enough to cover every gift (and its now on sale…WIN)! I’ve gone with a Cox & Cox scheme before choosing this beautiful dark grey and copper scheme complete with matching ribbon and copper jingle bells (very annoying, do not attempt if your pre-Christmas nerves are already in shreds)!


*I’m a bit funny with ribbon so I apologise if all this makes me sound like a ridiculous human being!* I’ve chosen to go the whole hog with the matching red and cream ‘Merry Christmas’ ribbon. Normally I’m not one for slogans or pictures on a ribbon (I usually opt for a wide luxurious satin) but this is really very pretty and subtlety chic. If you shop on the high street you’ll find that ribbon is generally sold in tiny quantities so I usually get mine in a haberdashery store where you can buy by the metre. Chances are I still run out but at least this way I can top up without the inconvenience of my chosen colour selling out (this has happened more times than I care to remember with M&S). This ribbon is (like the wrap) sold in a bumper 15-metre reel – I purchased two so I can really go to town!

Gift Tag

It wouldn’t be a Jessica Rhoades Christmas gift without a giant sparkly gift tag! I favour this postal tag shape and choose the colour depending on the years’ theme. This year its gold (actually if I’m honest it’s usually gold)!


For the final flourish, I like to tuck something pretty into my Christmas Gifts. In previous years I’ve used sparkly twigs, jingle bells, chocolate coins, buttons and baubles. This year I’ve opted for a candy cane to tie the theme together and give a bit of an American twist.


So apart from the giant tub of Quality Street, the stash of Christmas movies and the wine there are a few more essentials you need to gather before you start to wrap.

  1. A sharp pair of scissors (there is nothing worse than trying to cut ribbon with a blunt pair of scissors.) I have a pair of fabric scissors I keep specifically in my wrapping kit.
  2. Sticky tape – I love those little dispensers you wear on your wrist – so handy!
  3. Pen – A gold or silver pen or a new handwriting pen are good options for writing your gift tags
  4. Miscellaneous – depending on what you choose to top your gift with you may need sticky dots, glue, wire cutters…the list is endless

How do you wrap your Christmas gifts? Do you pick a yearly theme?

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