The Hundred Pound Haul – The ASOS Edit

It was universally agreed that this hundred pound haul was the most challenging to date which, I have to say, came as something of a surprise. ASOS is vast, both in quantity and variety and I think the difficulty lay in the simple fact that give a girl too much choice and she is liable to get so befuddled that she either a. orders ALL THE THINGS, or b. orders nothing at all and ends up somewhere with a more edited selection. Anna from The Anna Edit has a great guide on ‘how to shop ASOS’ for this very eventuality – it’s obviously quite a common problem! I think I fall into the former of the two scenarios – as I mentioned back in August, I’m having a bit of a love affair with ASOS at the moment so I rather enjoyed both the challenge and the prospect of putting my new premier delivery service into action (it’s really quite excellent). Heres a rundown of my picks from the ASOS edit of the hundred pound haul…

Selected Femme Dress

Selected Femme Dress

After the big wardrobe detox of 2017, my closet has been looking shall we say a bit sparse. As far as I’m concerned this isn’t gratuitous shopping for shoppings sake – I have been in dire need of a bit of a splurge (I’m sure Mr R would beg to differ but then again it’s probably too much of an ask to expect any husband out there to actually admit his wife needs some new clothes)! This streamlined knit dress by Selected Femme was a bit of a wildcard and I surprised myself by how much I loved it! The beauty lies in its simplicity – crew neck with elbow length sleeves, the dress falls just below the knee and simply pulls on over the head. I’ve already worn this slinky number with boots but I’m pretty sure it will work equally as well with heels, strappy flats – I’m thinking my black Aquazzura Chrissy flats – or even a good old pair of converse! The knit is heavy enough to skim over any lumps and bumps while still giving you that fitted silhouette… the dream!


Mango Sweater

Mango Red Sweater

As I said, I’m in the process of pretty much building my wardrobe up from scratch and this Mango sweater ticked the ‘token colourful sweater’ box nicely! I’ll be honest, this one didn’t fill me with excitement BUT again I was surprised by just how much I like it (basically I over ordered operating on the assumption that I’d have to send a percentage back – yeah, I should really have known better with that one). The half turtleneck and balloon sleeves are cute details on what would otherwise be a simple fine knit sweater. The tomato red colour will be fab with ripped jeans and trainers and I can’t wait to pair it with my new Anine Bing Blazer (yes I finally got my hands on it – pictures coming soon)!


Whistles Earrings

After I got married, in search of a bit of a buzz, I had a couple of extra ear piercings but I’ve never really done anything with them, preferring a couple of simple studs. When I saw these hoops and studs from Whistles I thought why the heck not (plus I have a little bit of a thing for moons since Luna came along)! I’m absolutely in love with the whole range from Maria Tash so until Mr.R can make good on my Christmas wish list, these fit the bill nicely! They are both now sold out on ASOS but are still available through the Whistles site.



ASOS Own Brand Pink Blazer

ASOS Own Brand Pink Blazer

I hold my hands up, this was a bit of a cheeky add-on but you know me and blazers! There’s a post coming up all about this beauty so I’ll won’t go into details but suffice to say, this is a stunner!


ASOS Own Brand Baker Boy Hat

ASOS Baker Boy Cap

Heres where things went downhill a bit. I love a baker boy cap in winter and this one with its gold studs just looked the business. Unfortunately either I have a head to rival Helena Bonham-Carter’s Red Queen or the fit of this is minuscule! It’s now sold out so I’m inclined to believe the former!

Best Of The Rest

I would say that that is one successful haul. The others, on the other hand, had mixed results with one tester sending everything back bar a basic white tee! Some top picks were…

  1. Religion Blazer
  3. Weekday Pink Sweater (SOLD OUT BUT SIMILAR HERE)

We were extremely lucky to time our haul at the time of one of ASOS’s 20% off days (keep an eye out, with black Friday coming up and pretty sure there’ll be some amazing deals to be had). The downside of this is that things tend to sell out extremely quickly – I’ve linked what I can but apologies if some things or sizes are no longer in stock. There’s some great fashion content coming up with items included in the haul so make sure you stay tuned for those! Are you an ASOS lover? What have you got your eyes on for Black Friday weekend?

The Hundred Pound Haul ASOS

Skirting The Issue – Stepping Out Of My Comfort Zone

It should come as no surprise that denim is, like a lot of people, where my comfort zone lies. A skirt is something of an alien garment and I admit, I’ve never quite got to grips with it. Don’t get me wrong, I love skirts on other people. A cursory flick through Pinterest will turn up literally thousands of glossy pics of the kind of girl that can pull off a pleated blush pink midi skirt without looking like some kind of throwback to a 1950’s US Prom! In my teenage years, I was all about the mini skirt. A mini seemed both easy to wear and style up, although if somethings not easy to wear at the age of eighteen then what hope is there? In my twenties the pencil skirt was the object of my affection – I clearly remember trying to recreate Roland Mouret’s Galaxy dress with a black satin pencil skirt and a knockoff Topshop top. Now I’m in my thirties I’m determined to crack the midi! I think my issue with the whole skirt genre is how to style it. Usually, I’m pretty good at pulling looks together but more often than not when faced with a skirt I draw a bit of a blank. My default is always, without fail a white shirt. A white shirt and skirt- whatever the style will always be a winning combo! I think the key to making something that’s out of your comfort zone work for you is to keep it simple and play up your accessories. Here I picked a black fine knit sweater topped with a classic leather biker jacket. The statement patent boots are a great contrast to the cream wool skirt and give edge to an inherently feminine style. What are your thoughts on midi skirts? How do you style yours?

breaking out of my comfort zone

Midi skirt and boots

cream wool skirt

midi skirt outfit

stepping out of my comfort zone








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Playing With The Boys…The Flight Jacket Of Dreams

Oh, the aviator jacket. I defy you to look at this iconic garment and not have the words “Tom Cruise” immediately jump to mind! I admit I’ve played up to the image with the shades, but really? who doesn’t want a bit of flyboy action in their winter wardrobe? A really great flight jacket has been on my wishlist for the past few seasons but so far nothing had really hit the spot – the Acne Aviator Jacket of dreams came damn close mind you – a snip at a mere £2100 – needless to say it has never migrated from wish list to shopping basket! As usual, Zara has come up trumps with this – I would say pretty much perfect – flight jacket. I’m usually a stickler for fabrics to be the real deal so the fact that this is both faux leather and faux sheepskin would under normal circumstances have me curling my lip but the quality and feel of the jacket are amazing! The classic sheepskin flying jacket was invented in the mid-twenties to meet the demands of both pilots and aircrew who, in open cockpits with altitudes soaring, were subjected to ever lower temperatures! Well, it can definitely get a little nippy here in the Scottish borders and this jacket is so super snuggly and easy to throw on over jeans and a tee – something I really felt was missing from my winter wardrobe. The jacket comes in the classic black/sheepskin combo or for a more modern twist theres burgundy, all black and khaki options – all under a hundred quid! I couldn’t style this any other way than full on ‘Maverick’ mode..ripped jeans, grey tee, black boots and the ubiquitous Ray Bans complete the look! Will you be buying into the flyboy trend this season?

The Ultimate Aviator Jacket

Ripped Levi Jeans

Tom Cruise Top Gun Style

Tan Gucci Belt

Flight Jacket Outfit

The Flight Jacket Of Dreams









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Coloured Knitwear – An Autumn Essential

As a dedicated disciple of Kelly Hoppen, I have shall we say a bit of an aversion to colour. It started with interiors then slowly but surely spread to my wardrobe – a veritable sea of black, white and denim! I think most of us are a little bit guilty of ‘playing it safe’ in the colour department (particularly when it comes to what we wear on our person) so I am tentatively leading the charge and championing the colours of the season. Red is the obvious choice but I’m leaning more toward the gorgeous berry’s and mustards that seem to be in abundance this year. Coloured knitwear is such an easy trend to translate to every day and is so much more flattering against an English complexion than the traditional camels and greys. Don’t get me wrong, camel and grey is precisely where my comfort zone lies and the chances of me giving them up are pretty much zero. But, I was amazed at how much this burgundy/wine colour actually suited me. With the baby still waking multiple times through the night, my epidermis has a permanent grey tinge that this super soft knit manages to almost entirely disguise! I’ve styled my new favourite knit (honestly, it’s pretty much perfect and yes, it does also come in grey – two shades of grey nonetheless – for if you just want to ignore me completely (I won’t be offended)) with leopard print boots and the famous Zara Mom Jeans! If you’re wary of the itch factor you would probably want to wear a long-sleeved tee underneath the jumper – I certainly will be – but the wool content is low and the irritation is minimal even if you wanted to brave it without! What are your feelings on coloured knitwear? Are you a fan or will you be sticking with the classics?

Coloured Knitwear For Autumn 2017

Burgundy Zara Jumper

coloured knitwear autumn 2017

Burgundy Chunky Knit

Leopard Print Boots

coloured knitwear 2017

JW Anderson Shoulder Bag

Burgundy Chunky Knit Outfit






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Boots & Crops – The Perfect Pairing

It seems only five minutes ago we were in the throes of Summer and I was weighing up the merits of a floppy sun hat with the words Mrs. Rhoades emblazoned in sequins! So how is it that I find myself huddled in front of the fire having just removed two bin liners full of crunchy, ladybird infested (don’t ask) leaves from my doorstep? Putting aside questions with no discernable answer it occurred to me that as a dedicated denim devotee, it’s actually taken roughly six months to get my head around the new styles, specifically Mom jeans (check out my thoughts here) and cropped jeans with a raw hem. Towards the end of the summer season, I really became partial to a crop. I’ve been wearing them with loafers, strappy sandals and heels – they’re both versatile and flattering and to be quite honest I’m just not ready to give them up when the inevitable chill descends and I have to succumb to a good old pair of socks! The answer to this conundrum clearly lies in a pair of boots. It’s taken me a while to warm up to this idea (I do love a bare ankle), but this seasons ‘sock boots’ allow you to retain the slim ankle that really is crucial to the success of the boots & cropped jean combo! Alongside boots & crops, pearls are also having a bit of a moment (and you guys know how much I love a bit of pearl embellishment), so I’ve styled this up with an oversized embellished shirt and a boxy pink coat – both from Zara. How to do you feel about cropped jeans in winter? Are boots & crops the perfect pairing?

pearl embellished shirt

Cropped Flared Jeans

Pink Tailored Coat

Pearl Embellished Shirt

Zara Pearl Shirt

Sock Boots & Cropped Frayed Jeans











The Belted Blazer & My Top Denim Tip

It’s no secret that I love a blazer and jeans combo so, in a bid to keep things fresh I decided to channel that ‘off-duty model’ vibe and throw my belt on over the top of my jacket. Now I’m no Bella Hadid and my waist definitely does not ‘go in’ to the extent it did pre-baby (it was never particularly small if I’m honest) but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at how the overall look turned out. Given my current obsession with the Double G Gucci Belt (if you haven’t already then check out my September Favourites for the lowdown on a rather spendy month), I was quite excited to see if it would work on my waist as well as my jeans and I feel like, in general, it does. In a perfect world, I think I would prefer a smaller size (I’m wearing an 85 so I think an 80 would be ideal) but that does rather depend on the thickness of the jacket/coat you’re intending to belt. I’ve styled the belted blazer with a pair of grey MiH jeans which I’ve had for years but have been given a new lease of life by chopping a few inches off the length and leaving the hem raw. TOP TIP…If you have a pair of jeans which you love the fit of but maybe the style just isn’t quite right, I would highly recommend having a go at a bit of customisation. Opting for a cropped raw hem is an easy way of bringing a pair of old favourites bang up to date without having to spend a penny! Gucci loafers, a leopard print scarf and my MacBook (just in case you were getting bored of the same old handbags – ha) complete the look. Are you tempted to have a go at the belted blazer? Do you have any top tips for customising your looks?

Belted Blazer, Denim Tips | Jessica Rhoades Blog

By Malene Birger Scarf

Grey Belted Blazer

Belted Blazer and Jeans

Tan Guuci Belt

How To Belt A Blazer

Me and Em Blazer








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Autumn Trends – The Checked Coat & Mick Dundee

Mr.R & I have just finished watching Crocodile Dundee. (I know, bare with me). I have seen this film approximately 1654 times and yet this is the first time I have watched and had all the heart eyes for the fashion! They said it would never happen but the 80’s is well and truly back albeit with a slightly more minimal twist. Slouchy boots, sharp oversized shoulders, double-breasted blazers and, the star of the season…checks! If you’ve read my September Favourites then you’ll have seen that my M&S checked coat is my current style crush and that I am waiting (not so patiently now tbh but that’s a whole other story) for the Anine Bing fantasy blazer. I really feel that this is my season when it comes to the trends. The whole borrowed from the boys/luxury street style aesthetic pleases me enormously and it’s always helpful when there an abundance of the things available that genuinely pull on your heartstrings. Having said that, it can also be slightly irksome when every other person appears to have pinched the vibe you were quite happy rocking all on your lonesome. Anyway, I digress. Here I’ve paired my M&S checked coat with these fabulous wide leg cream tailored trousers from Zara, my Pierce Bag, shades, and heels. This is without a shadow of a doubt my favourite look of the season so far. I promise I’ll check back in (see what I did there) when I’ve laid my hands on the Anine Bing blazer, unless of course I can get hold of Sue Charlton’s Green checked jacket (remember the scene where Mick’s in the bath and she pretends to be Rosita, the maid?) Oof, now that would be the Holy Grail)!

Checked Coat | Marks And Spencer Coat | 80s Inspiration

Zara Palazzo Pants

The Checked Coat & Mick Dundee

Zara Wide Leg Trouser

Tailored Trousers and Checked Coat

JW Anderson Pierce Bag

Long Checked Coat

Marks and Spencer Checked Coat

Monica Vinader Bracelet

JW Anderson Pierce Bag

Rayban Folding Sunglasses

Wide Leg Trousers, 80's Trends, Autumn Fashion











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