Blogmas – My Unashamedly Glitzy & Glam Door Wreath

Blogmas - My Glitzy and Glam Door Wreath

Ahh, the door wreath. Is there a more welcoming sight than a front door adorned with a garland of winter foliage, pine cones and red ribbons? A door wreath proclaims to the world that yes, Christmas has indeed arrived in your household and seems to add a certain assurance of a warm and hospitable greeting. […]

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Blogmas – Christmas Cocktails With The Duke & Fly

spider and fly cocktails

I love a cocktail at Christmas. Actually, I love a cocktail full stop but Christmas is a convenient excuse so let’s go with it. I’m pretty good at whipping up a cocktail…no false modesty here. Working behind the bar for almost four years you pick up a trick or two but, (as I’m no longer […]

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BLOGMAS – Introducing Mrs Claus…Yes It’s Another Blazer

Blogmas - Introducing Mrs Claus

Yes, I know it’s another blazer. I haven’t got a red blazer…well I do now obviously and quite honestly I have no regrets. This was a bit of a surprise holiday purchase. I stood in a queue behind perhaps the most irritating woman I have ever come across in order to buy this blazer which – […]

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BLOGMAS – My Top Ten Festive Tunes

My Top Ten Festive Tunes To Decorate The Tree To

I have terrible taste in music. Actually, that’s not strictly true, I have very fine taste in music….I mean who doesn’t love a bit of Neil Sedaka in the car? Mr.R is on a mission to turn Luna into a Carl Cox fan before I can corrupt her with Abba but I digress. Christmas is […]

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BLOGMAS – Five Christmas Gifts For Men

Blogmas - 5 Christmas Gifts For Men

My husband is not into sports…or fishing or fashion. The only thing that genuinely tickles his fancy are cars and as much as I would love to present him with his beloved Audi RS3 its just not gonna happen! When it comes to buying Christmas gifts it is always, without fail the men in my […]

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BLOGMAS – November Favourites, The Last Of The Year

Blogmas - November Favourites

How is it monthly favourites time again? It only seems like two minutes ago I was putting the finishing touches to Octobers favourites! I blinked, went on holiday and now it’s bloomin Christmas! In terms of November favourites, there’s a new skincare discovery, an (almost) toddling baby and news of a rather exciting Royal event for […]

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BLOGMAS – My Fantasy Christmas Wish List

Blogmas - My Fantasy Christmas Wish List

One of my favourite past times is perusing the virtual shelves of luxury online stores and adding all the loveliness to a wish list or fantasy shopping basket! Now it’s a momentous day when I actually make a purchase so all of this is purely in the realms of fantasy but hey, a girl can dream […]

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BLOGMAS – How I Store My Christmas Decorations

Blogmas - How I Store My Christmas Decorations

Last Christmas I had an epiphany. There I was happily unwrapping my (really quite extensive) bauble collection from the mass of shredded tissue paper they called home when it occurred to me that surely there must be a safer and more organised method than the one I was currently using! ‘A place for everything and […]

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BLOGMAS – Christmas Cards With Papier

Blogmas - 1st December

*disclaimer* If you are on my Christmas card list then please avert your eyes now! I know there are people who don’t see the point in Christmas cards and see the whole process as a massive chore but I absolutely love it when December begins and suddenly the morning post gets interesting. I relish the […]

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