BLOGMAS – Introducing Mrs Claus…Yes It’s Another Blazer

Yes, I know it’s another blazer. I haven’t got a red blazer…well I do now obviously and quite honestly I have no regrets. This was a bit of a surprise holiday purchase. I stood in a queue behind perhaps the most irritating woman I have ever come across in order to buy this blazer which – as I remarked to my mum afterwards said a lot about how much I actually wanted it. (FYI she decided to hold up the whole queue by trying on and requesting new and different sizes in pretty much everything. The whole scenario took FOREVER and the only thing that calmed my shopper’s rage was the fact that her dress was half unzipped and showing the label and no one was telling her! Ha, that’ll teach her (I know I’m evil)). Anyway, I’ve gone completely off topic so at the risk of repeating myself I LOVE THIS BLAZER! It has padded shoulders (not Alexis Carrington style padded shoulders, nice subtle padded shoulders) that give a lovely sharp silhouette and It’s that gorgeous blue red that’s just perfect for this time of year. The only downside that I can see is that the first time I wore it, Mr.R said I looked like Santa and my dad shouted Hi Di Hi (bloody cheek, they wore yellow jackets)! Anyway, I’ve long since learned to ignore Mr.R’s sartorial observations and I think it’s pretty hard to fault! There’ll be no surprises as to how I’ve styled it – black jeans, black cami and heels are pretty much my dressed up uniform. This is the velvet cami that I talked about in A Pre-Christmas Holiday In The Sun which throws a bit of texture into the mix and gives that all important festive feel! Whats your go-to outfit for a bit of festive fun?

black levi jeans

red mango blazer

red blazer and jeans

mrs claus blazer

mango blazer







Elf On The Shelf – The Adventures Of Tuukka Tuukka DAY7

snow angel elf

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Blazer & Jeans – A Uniform In The Making

A uniform is supposedly the antithesis of what any fashion lover holds dear – namely the ability to choose, style and fashion their look at will or on a whim. As any former schoolgirl will attest, the rigidity of an enforced uniform is boring at it’s best and stifling at it’s worst! Who among us can honestly say they never bent the rules – hitched the waistband of a skirt or braved a forbidden hairdo? The irony is that no sooner do we leave the school gates and are thrown into the big wide world of dressing ourselves than we almost immediately crave the certainty and stability of at least knowing what we are putting on in the morning! I would argue that a uniform, of sorts, can and should have its place in your wardrobe if only to cover those days (and we all have them) where you just can’t seem to pull it together. For me, that uniform is jeans, a t-shirt and (shock) a blazer! I have numerous variations of this formula and I love that no matter the occasion, or whether my brain has turned to sleep deprived mush, there’s always a formula to fall back on and a formula that works! If you read about the latest hundred pound haul you may have clocked this blush pink beauty from ASOS. Now you may think that this pretty shade of ‘Millenial Pink’ (yes that’s what the kids are calling it these days) isn’t particularly ‘Autumnal’ but pair it with shades of berry and chic leopard print accessories and the colour suddenly takes on a whole new vibe! Here, I’ve styled my ‘uniform’ in action, teaming the blazer with my staple cropped flared jeans, a t-shirt and heels. Do you have a style crutch? Whats your off-duty uniform?

A Uniform For Life

Jeans & Blazer Outfit

Blush Pink Blazer

Blazer & Jeans Outfit

ASOS Pink Blazer

Pink Blazer Outfit

A Uniform In The Making








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Wardrobe Picks – Levi’s Tee & Blazer

While selecting items for ‘wardrobe picks’, it became clear that the foundations of my wardrobe are laid in denim. A good pair of jeans and a t-shirt will take you pretty much anywhere these days so it makes sense that the bulk of my sartorial budget lies in an array of crops, skinnies and kick flares. Or, at least it did. I’m kind of feeling that I’ve been on something of a style sabbatical these past two years – growing and raising babies has left me, shall we say, a little jaded in the fashion stakes. I’ve emerged from my baby induced haze into a world of ‘mom-fit’ jeans, uber high-waists and stonewashed denim, all of which I have to say, I’m loving the look of. Getting that look right, on the other hand, is taking a little more time and thought than my pre baby days necessitated. Take the mom-fit jean. In my pre baby days, this look would have been deliciously ironic and easily replicated. As a mother, on the other hand, you walk a fine line between that nonchalant, stylish nod to the 90’s and actually looking like a frump who hasn’t adapted her style since 1994! These dark indigo high rise skinnies are a pretty safe option but they are super stretchy, super comfy and super flattering. Another trend that seems to be riding high is the logo tee. Now traditionally, I’m not a huge fan in plastering myself in logos – I usually prefer the more subtle approach. However, it’s grown on me (as trends have a tendency to do). The original Gucci version is the Holy Grail but as much as I love a good t-shirt, £320  does seem a little steep for what is essentially a trend piece. This Levi’s tee is a design classic and isn’t so ‘in your face’ that you would feel in any way self-conscious wearing it on a daily basis. I’ve finished my look with a classic navy blazer from By Malene Birger (ancient, must be seven years old if it’s a day…the power of a good blazer) and box fresh Adidas Gazelles!

Wardrobe Picks - Levi's Tee & Blazer |

Wardrobe Picks - Levi's Tee & Blazer |

Wardrobe Picks - Levi's Tee & Blazer |

Wardrobe Picks - Levi's Tee & Blazer |

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BLAZER – By Malene Birger (Similar)


BAGJem + Bea



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