Blogmas – How I Decorate My Christmas Tree

The ritual of putting up the Christmas tree is one of the highlights of the year. I’ve already talked at length about the proper way to decorate the tree (festive tunes and wine feature heavily) so without further ado here’s the big reveal…

blush pink christmas tree

blush pink and gold christmas decorations

pearl christmas bauble

The Great Tree Debate…Real v Fake

I can appreciate a real Christmas tree, really I can. The smell is beautiful, it’s traditional and feels authentic. The downsides to a real tree are well documented –

  1. Dropped needles,
  2. That pungent whiff that arises when the tree suddenly decides that it has had enough of being stuffed in a hot room and covered with glitter!
  3. Gapping. This is my main issue and it’s purely a case of personal preference. I like to operate what I call a ‘more is more’ aesthetic. This includes judiciously filling the gaps with sparkling gold twigs. A real tree just isn’t dense enough for the footballer’s wife/glitter explosion look I tend to gravitate toward.

Colour Scheme

I’ve always been a traditional girl at heart and really, you just can’t beat red, gold and green for all the Christmas feels. However, last year it suddenly dawned on me that I had collected an inordinate amount of blush coloured baubles and trinkets including a rather fabulous bejewelled bird (clearly I have been very easily seduced by the whole ‘millennial pink’ movement). Normally I would use this colour scheme to dress the stairs or the above the fireplace but such was the quantity I decided to go for the whole hog and create what would probably have been my childhood fantasy tree!

More Is Always More

You may have gathered by now that I am no minimalist when it comes to dressing the Christmas tree! Maximalism all the way! This year I’ve have managed to restrain myself, only adding one or two new pieces to my collection though West Elm has me very tempted with their Christmas offering! Definitely worth checking out if you’re in the market!

Which side of the Christmas tree debate do you fall on? How do you decorate yours?

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Blogmas – My Unashamedly Glitzy & Glam Door Wreath

Ahh, the door wreath. Is there a more welcoming sight than a front door adorned with a garland of winter foliage, pine cones and red ribbons? A door wreath proclaims to the world that yes, Christmas has indeed arrived in your household and seems to add a certain assurance of a warm and hospitable greeting. Visions of steaming mugs of mulled wine and the spicy scent of warm mince pies abound! I have a borderline obsessive love for my door wreath which is the complete antithesis to the traditional circlet I’ve just described! Let me just say straight off…it’s a little, shall we say, garish! It’s bright and shiny and span-dangly and it creates the most almighty mess when it drops its little gold palettes (which FYI are also horribly sharp and not at all baby friendly). Despite all of this I would be really quite heartbroken if I had to give it up. A little bit of history…My mam bought this wreath a long time ago – I have a feeling it could be ten years or more. It came from Fenwick in Newcastle and was unlike anything we had seen (or have seen since for that matter). We both fell in love and excitedly headed back to home to see it in action. this is where things fell a little flat. Now my mam has the most beautiful front door – it’s a wide, solid wooden door with a  modern edge which we thought would be the perfect backdrop for our super fancy new wreath. Unfortunately, it just seemed to get a bit lost against the wood – nice but not wow! Mam persevered for a few years until I had my own front door to decorate and then the golden wreath of dreams became mine! I now always make sure my front door is painted in a moody shade with a slightly matt finish – yep the sole reason being that for one month of the year I get to show off my fantasy wreath in all its glory! How do you decorate your front door for Christmas? Do you opt for fresh foliage or do you have something more sentimental to bring out each year?

glitzy and glam door wreath gold sparkly foor wreath gold christmas door wreath

I mentioned that I had never come across anything similar but Amara has a lovely selection of glitzy and unusual wreaths if you are fancying something a little different this year…

Amara Door Wreath


Check out my top tips for storing your Christmas decorations HERE

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BLOGMAS – How I Store My Christmas Decorations

Last Christmas I had an epiphany. There I was happily unwrapping my (really quite extensive) bauble collection from the mass of shredded tissue paper they called home when it occurred to me that surely there must be a safer and more organised method than the one I was currently using! ‘A place for everything and everything in its place’ they say so if you want to make life easier for yourself next Christmas (it’s too late for this year – you might as well embrace the chaos) then follow these top tips for storing your Christmas decorations.

how to store your christmas decorations

Arm Yourself With The Correct Tools.

Invest in the right tools now and avoid a post-Christmas meltdown when the awful day you have to de-Christmas your house comes around. (That day is depressing enough without breaking your favourite ornament trying to stuff it into a tatty cardboard box). There’s nothing quite like being prepared and having the correct tools. In this instance plastic storage tubs, bubble wrap and a Label Maker (I don’t know how I have managed to get through life but to my shame, I still DO NOT own a label maker…that’s definitely on for the Christmas wish list)! If you have any large gift boxes lying around, these make excellent alternatives to a plastic storage tub or if your an organisational nerd, Lakeland does a dedicated Christmas ornament storage box which comes with handy winders for your Christmas lights which brings me nicely on to…

Leave The Lights In The Same Condition You Wish To Find Them 

Yes, we’ve all done it but there is nothing, I repeat nothing more frustrating than getting in a tangle with your Christmas lights. You can literally lose hours of your life detangling a string of fairy lights so do yourself a favour and spend a few more minutes carefully winding them around a firm piece of cardboard before putting them into storage…your future self with thank you!

Colour Coordinate

If your anything like me you will have baubles and trinkets in every colour under the sun. Now I like to colour coordinate different areas of my house (for example my stair garland is decorated in shades of blush pink and gold where my tree is usually a more traditional red, gold and green) so it makes sense to me to store like with like making decorating the enjoyable and stress free task it rightly deserves to be!

If In Doubt Bubble Wrap Is Your Friend

If the budget doesn’t allow for an influx of new plastic tubs or if you’re short of space then bubble wrap is your best friend! You can buy huge rolls of bubble wrap form hardware or stationary stores for not a lot of money and it is truly worth its weight in gold when it comes to protecting the more delicate and valuable Christmas decorations.

Take Pictures For Next Year

A few years ago I tried something a little different and more elaborate with my mantlepiece garland and absolutely loved it! When it came to recreating it the year after I became increasingly frustrated trying to remember what I had done until it suddenly occurred to me that (of course) I had taken pictures! Now in this day and age taking photos of your Christmas decorations is pretty much a given but make it easy on yourself and create a ‘decorations’ folder on your phone – that way you have a handy template to work from!

Set Aside Space To Store Your Decorations

We are in the process of remodelling our garage and I fully intend to have some dedicated decoration storage built into the plans! At the moment they reside in the loft, a place Mr.R has decreed I am not allowed to venture and yet hates to venture himself! I’m currently gearing up for the yearly battle to get him up there to bring my decorations down (on a side note if you haven’t seen Michal McIntyre’s sketch on this very topic then do check it out…hilarious)!

Do you have any top tips for storing your Christmas decorations?

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