Playing With The Boys…The Flight Jacket Of Dreams

Oh, the aviator jacket. I defy you to look at this iconic garment and not have the words “Tom Cruise” immediately jump to mind! I admit I’ve played up to the image with the shades, but really? who doesn’t want a bit of flyboy action in their winter wardrobe? A really great flight jacket has been on my wishlist for the past few seasons but so far nothing had really hit the spot – the Acne Aviator Jacket of dreams came damn close mind you – a snip at a mere £2100 – needless to say it has never migrated from wish list to shopping basket! As usual, Zara has come up trumps with this – I would say pretty much perfect – flight jacket. I’m usually a stickler for fabrics to be the real deal so the fact that this is both faux leather and faux sheepskin would under normal circumstances have me curling my lip but the quality and feel of the jacket are amazing! The classic sheepskin flying jacket was invented in the mid-twenties to meet the demands of both pilots and aircrew who, in open cockpits with altitudes soaring, were subjected to ever lower temperatures! Well, it can definitely get a little nippy here in the Scottish borders and this jacket is so super snuggly and easy to throw on over jeans and a tee – something I really felt was missing from my winter wardrobe. The jacket comes in the classic black/sheepskin combo or for a more modern twist theres burgundy, all black and khaki options – all under a hundred quid! I couldn’t style this any other way than full on ‘Maverick’ mode..ripped jeans, grey tee, black boots and the ubiquitous Ray Bans complete the look! Will you be buying into the flyboy trend this season?

The Ultimate Aviator Jacket

Ripped Levi Jeans

Tom Cruise Top Gun Style

Tan Gucci Belt

Flight Jacket Outfit

The Flight Jacket Of Dreams









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Pearly Queen…One Jacket, Three Ways

I have a bit of a thing for pearls – I chose them to adorn wedding dress (quite the endorsement) and there’s just something so bloomin chic and regal about those little luminous orbs. Polished and modern yet a true classic. I’m also a jacket lover – sharp blazers, leather bombers, cropped tweed – a good jacket has the unrivaled power to up your jeans and t-shirt game in an instant. So, when I came across this pearl embellished stunner from Spanish brand Uterqüe, I was in heaven (if St Peter is truly guarding those pearly gates then I’m pretty sure he’s rocking this jacket)! I managed to sneak this little beauty through as an anniversary gift (Mr. R & I have just celebrated our 2nd Wedding Anniversary – read about my anniversary conundrum HERE) by proudly pointing out the 100% Cotton label (that was maybe a bit of a stretch but hey, sometimes you have to get a bit ‘creative’ with your reasoning – ha)!

The jacket itself is quite a statement piece and statement pieces (often the pricey ones you really want to get your wear out of) are frequently the items in your wardrobe that see the least action. I’m always guilty of not getting enough wear out of my keys pieces as they are, by nature, so noticeable – nobody wants people to think ‘oh have they got that on again’! So, I’ve styled it up in a couple of different ways – dressed up and down to demonstrate how to get longevity out of your star buys!

The Jacket – Uterqüe

Look One

Denim jackets are a casual wardrobe staple but I think we can all agree that the heavy embellishment easily elevates this style to the next level. Here I’ve teamed it with a wide leg cropped trouser jumpsuit, heels, and my YSL Bag. Finish with a red lip and statement earrings and I think you have a suitably cool evening look with a real rock chick vibe. I can imagine wearing this out for cocktails with Mr. R!

Pearly Queen - One Jacket Three Ways |

Pearly Queen - One Jacket Three Ways |

Look Two

From Rock Chick to Princess Chic. By wearing the jacket draped over the shoulders, it takes the edge off the sweet feminine vibe of this flirty Me + Em number. I’ve styled it with my red Gianvito Rossi pumps and red lips for a more modern look and tied the pinks and blues together with this vintage clutch by McQueen. This look could easily take you out to dinner or maybe even a relaxed summer wedding!

Pearly Queen - One Jacket Three Ways |

Look Three

Such a simple look and one that takes my everyday ‘mum’ uniform to the next level. Here I’ve paired inky blue high waisted jeans with a long line tank, tan belt and white trainers for a sporty yet glam daytime look. Amping up your accessories (an armful of bangles and a cool pair of earrings go a long way) and throwing on a statement piece like this jacket can really transform your daytime style without much effort!

Pearly Queen - One Jacket Three Ways |

So there you go, three ways to wear a statement jacket. I hope you like the looks and have inspired you to try styling some of your key pieces in different ways. How do you make sure you get longevity from your star buys? I’d love to hear your tips for getting the most out of your wardrobe.

Pearly Queen - One Jacket Three Ways |