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Having babies is an expensive business. Just as soon as you’ve forked out for the ‘big things’ (i.e. the pushchair, the car seat, the cot), then they’ve grown out of them and before you know it you’re in a costly circle of spending and desperately trying to rehouse everything that is now surplus to requirement. So, not only do we have a great big hole in the bank balance but also a house bursting with swing chairs, bedside cribs and baby gyms that our (now 9 month old) has long since outgrown.

This is a roundabout way of saying that the time of the disposable income and of treating myself (succumbing) to the odd luxury splurge are (temporarily) a thing of the past! So, my new challenge to myself is to ‘shop my wardrobe’ and uncover the lost gems that are undoubtedly lurking beneath the boxes and designer dust bags. So, without further ado, here are a few rediscoveries that I shall be attempting to insert into my new ‘mum-drobe’ (Apologies in advance for the overuse of the word ‘classic’).

The Bag – The Louis Vuitton ‘Alma’

They say you never forget your first and I can think of no reason why this shouldn’t apply just as well to handbags as to, ahem, other areas. This timeless tote probably wouldn’t be my first choice today but holds so much sentimental value as it was a gift from my mum & dad when I received my A Level results. The eponymous brown monogrammed canvas is a true classic, eschewing the ‘naff’ tag that comes with so many brand logos (Burberry still hasnt recovered)! Although this bag doesn’t see as much use as it once did I think it’s definitely still relevant to a modern mum wardrobe as it goes with pretty much anything and is surprisingly roomy – I’m pretty sure I can squeeze all the baby changing essentials in here as well as my phone/purse/keys etc. (*sidenote – the mobile phone pocket is not at all conducive to iPhones but I’m pretty sure that this must be because mine predates the whole Smartphone genre (granny alert). I can only assume that the new ones have been adapted accordingly?)

The ‘Alma’ is still available to purchase HERE for an eyewatering £1050!!!! (pretty sure we paid £450 back in the day)

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The Belt – Dolce & Gabbana Gents Belt

I love a bit of menswear. Give me a pair of boyfriend jeans, a gents watch, my hubbies shirt and a pair of Gucci Loafers over a floral mini dress any day of the week! I picked up this belt during the ‘Great Dolce & Gabbana Splurge of 2004’ (more on that later) and have worn it every year, without fail since (it’s still pristine)! You would go a long way before you found a belt that looks this achingly chic with a pair of kick flares and a crisp white shirt!

This Belt is long gone but there are some amzing logo belts out there including this lustworthy Gucci Number 

Shopping My Wardrobe...The Accessory Edit

The Bling – By Malene Birger Lily Bell Necklace

I’ve mentioned before how much I love the brand By Malene Birger and I just knew when I bought this necklace that it would be one of those things that lived in my wardrobe forever! I always think it’s worth paying that little bit extra for these kinds of pieces – the ones that are really unique! Statement jewellery, like anything, has its moments in and out of the spotlight but this little number can really take an outfit from ‘meh’ to ‘scene stealer’ in an instant. I’m really excited about this rediscovery as I can stick to my mum uniform of jeans & a tee but add this necklace and a pair of heels and it immediately takes it to a whole new level! This brand is another that has skyrocketed in price since I made this purchase – another reason why it’s so exciting to delve into the archives – you never know what gems you might unearth that you would pay an arm and a leg for today!

I can’t find anything remotely similar but there are some lovely Statement Necklaces at THE OUTNET HERE

Shopping My Wardrobe...The Accessory Edit

The Beckham Acquisition

There was a time that I would covet everything and anything that was championed by the ever fabulous Mrs. Beckham.  These shades are a case in point. Does anyone remember the (oh so cool) collaboration between Victoria Beckham, Dane Bowers, and True Steppers? Yep, that was the one that was pipped to the No1spot by Sophie Ellis-Bexter’s ‘Groovejet’. In the video, VB plays a badass chick in a Matrix-style coat, an Audi convertible and ‘those’ Chanel shades! These were sold out everywhere in the UK and it was actually my grandparents who tracked them down for me in Marbella. This is what I love about these ‘stashed at the back of your wardrobe gems’ – everything comes with a story!

Find Similar HERE

Shopping My Wardrobe...The Accessory Edit

The Dolce & Gabbana Affair

The year was 2004. A new designer had just installed themselves on the front line at Puerto Banus. It was the year of Dolce & Gabbana. It was one of those collections that gave you goosebumps, where each and every item seemed to scream ‘buy me’. The look was darkly glamorous – almost goth. Think black velvets, emerald green satin, ruby red jewels and rich gold tapestry. It was a look that was luxurious, regal and so very romantic. In the years before babies and mortgages, when disposable income was just that, I splurged…and then I splurged again. That summer is a distant memory but I still have those treasured pieces and treasured they are…

The Swag…

  • Jewelled clutch bag.
  • Crystal & Leather monogrammed cuff.
  • Leather & Chain monogrammed belt
  • Tusk pendant necklace.

I believe there was also a pair of jeans in this haul which (if I still owned them) I’m pretty sure wouldn’t go over my knees! That people is why, if you’re going to lose all sense of practicality and responsibility, you should do so in the accessory department only!

Shopping My Wardrobe...The Accessory Edit

Shopping My Wardrobe...The Accessory Edit

I hope this has encouraged you to revisit items in your own wardrobe you may have stashed and try mixing them up with a few newer pieces. We all have things that we hang on to because we either paid a lot of money for them or simply because we love them. why not have a rummage, pull out a handful of long-forgotten items and see if you can give them a new lease of life. If your anything like me and need to save a few pennies then it’s a very interesting and worthwhile exercise in self-restraint and imagination!